Saturday, September 16, 2006

Monkeewrench ****

My friend Angela, from London recommend me this book. It took me awhile until I finally decided to grab the book to read it. (thank you Angela!) This is supposedly be easy pace reading, but somehow it took me more than 3 days (my usual days I finish each books)to be done with this book. Im not sure why but it might be because my mind is focus on two different thing at same time, that day. But yet I was able to enjoy it. Some dialogues were funny and have me laughing couple times.

P.J. Tracy is a mother and daughter team, writing their first thriller book. They're new to me author, until I read Monkeewrench. I thought it was good for the first book. I know there is two others and the latest book to look forward to :) Here is their website link - P.J. Tracy

Two set of murders, in a different world, brought in together a mystery connection to the killer. In Wisconsin a couple die in church where Sheriff Michael Halloran is investigating the crime. The Kleinfeldts had been accused of trashing homosexuality because of their religion. They had done things in the past, that just needed to be investigated more.

In Minneapolis - A group of 5 friends open a company called Monkeewrench and just launched a newly designed sofware game. A game where the killer is alway caught and the good guys alway win. It turns out that the game became a big success. Suddenly three people are dead. Someone is duplicating the murder scenarios to the exact fictional game. But there is more murder scenes to the game, and the police hope to stop the serial killer from killing anyone else by being ahead of the killer's game. Detective Leo Magozzi vows to catch the killer in time.

But the Monkeewrench gang held a secret to protect Grace. The secret that could also get Grace killed. And if the secret gets out then they would have to move again. Detective Morizzoi is suspicious of their protectivness and his feeling for Grace.

This book was fast,fresh and funny. It was also mystery with a little bit of romance (but barely). There were so many characters that I liked and I hope that they get their own stories soon. The cop gang and the Monkeewrench gang bring snappy scarstic dialogue with humors and laughter through the pages. I enjoyed the book :)

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