Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Hereby Resolve...

Booking Through Thursday

Any New Year's Reading Resolutions? A certain number of books you want to read in 2007? Certain genres? Something from your TBR pile? Classics to read? Authors to try? Anything at all??

- I hope to not only to read 50 books in year but to also try reading 100 books.

- I have had "A Breathe of Snows and Ashes for far too long in my TBR piles now. I want to get to it and read it. I always love to read Diana Gabaldon books, and have been trying to find the time to read "A Breath of Snows and Ashes.

- But I would love to try all new to me authors. And always look forward to reader words of the mouth for books recommend :)


Melody said...

100 books!!! I'm sure you will be able to do it, Julia! ;)


--Deb said...

Good for you--because reading is fundamental! I haven't counted up my books for 2006 yet but . . . here, no, wait, while I get my book list out and start counting . . . (1, 2, 3.....) Okay, 294 so far this year. That's down over 30 books from 2005, when I read 330. (Okay, so I'm obsessed....)

Julia said...

Thanks Melody for believe in me : ) cross your finger I make it

Deb - wow 294 books you read in 2006? I'm impressed! Even if it lower then 2005 - you still managed to read more then I did. congrat to you on that. But hey...we are all obessed, so you're not alone.....and by the way - thanks for your comment : )