Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cold As Ice * * * * 1/2

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(Romance Suspense)
Cold As Ice is the continue to the "Ice" series. The first book Black Ice , is one of the great book I've read of the year. And it Bastien and Chloe story. In Cold As Ice you will see a bit of Bastien again :) If you want to know more about this series, click this link here Anne Stuart website

Cold As Ice is about our hero, Peter Jensen who was on a mission. His secret operative mission was to find Harry and kill him. Harry is the head of the Rule of Seven terrorists, who plan a massive attack on civilian populations. But an innocence intruder aboard the yacht, the SS Seven Sins, and it could ruin his plan. The only thing to do is, to have her killed if she get in his way. But the problem is he is attracted to her. And he is proud that he has never killed an innocence people in all his assignments and assassinations career.

Genny, A Manhattan lawyer, job was to hand deliver some legal papers to a billionaire philanthropist Harry, to get him to sign it and then leave to take a vacation trip to Costa Rica. But Harry have other plan. Because she thought he was sweet man, she finally gave in and decided to stay the night on Harry's SS Seven Sins yacht. Only she didn't know she had walk into danger zone.

While Peter was debating whether to kill Genny or let her walk away, Genny tried to find a way to escape and save Harry or just accepted her death.

The romance between Genny and Peter was emotionally sexual intense. I'm always left wondering what Peter will do with her next and weather if he going to go through his plan with her. I just love that he was teaching her to protect herself, and the way he "teach" it was very sexual thrilling in some senses.

I LOVE this book! When I was reading this, I find myself really feeling the intense and the emotions between the two main characters. It was thrilling for me. I also devour some of the scenes by scenes. I eat every words. The dialogue are great. It is easy read and fast pace. On the half-ending, left me emotionally breathless. And the ending was great! :) Although I rolled my eyes at the heroines when she did something, that she shouldn't have.

I need to answers a topic regarding reader's question about Peter's bi-sexuality. He is not a bi-Sexual character. What he does regarding to his sexuality is that he does what needs to be done to get his job done. One of the reason why he is such good in his job is that he can turn his emotion on and off. With no feeling. When the job call for it, he will do it. No questions ask.

And while I do like this book, I still love Black Ice more better than Cold As Ice. Because it was more better and exciting.

Anne Stuart have done it again! She is one of the authors who don't hide beneath the surface and know how to push the envelopes deeper into the places where some authors never have gone to before. Her heroes are not ordinary characters. Some are trained killer. Other are bad boy with attitudes. And each heroes had something dark about them. They are arrogant and cold with no feeling but a heart that was never discover until they met "the one". You will see that they're an interesting characters.

I highly recommend anyone to read the "Ice" series. They're great read! Please don't miss it :) Also you might want to take look at some of Anne stuart's backlist. Lots of her books are well done too, IMO. I highly recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Black Ice is next on my TBR pile! Yeah, I know--I'm reeeeaaallly behind. I did buy Cold as Ice--I'm trusting that you know what you're talking about. :)

Julia said...

You know, I always worry what you think when you read books that I have reviewed on LOL - but since Geeta also like Anne Stuart too, I trust you are using your good judgement to read the "Ice" series :)

Great that you got both books. Can't wait to hear what you think :)

Melody said...

Glad to see this review, Julia! I have been waiting! LOL.

Darla, I hope you will enjoy reading Black Ice and Cold As Ice as well. They are great IMO. :)