Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tropical Getaway by Roxanne St. Claire

(Romance Suspense)
Ava Santori was cooking, when she get a call that her little brother, Marco, is presumed dead from the hurricane storm in the island of Grenada. He'd been second mate on the Paradisio, a sailing ship that disappeared when Hurricane Carlos hit the Caribbean. She went to his funeral, to find answers and file a lawsuit, after she was told by a lawyer that the ship's owner were at fault for putting the crew at risk.

Dane Erikson observed Ava and think she only there at the funeral to get her hand on her brother's money. He builted the luxurious Utopia Adventures cruise, that was not just only for business but it was his family, too. He mourn the lost of his crews and his best friend Marco. He visit other people who mourn for their lost one and when he met Ava, he wanted to changed her mind about the lawsuit by taken her meet the families on the island to see how they really live. And if it haven't changed her mind, then she can go ahead and sue him.

Dane and Ava went to investigate to find the truth of what happen, but as all the answers closed in, danger lurked. Dane learn an unexpected surprise about what really happen that causes the Paradisio ship to lose all his crew. And it up to him and Ava to bring it all down. And working together bring Dane and Ava closer...too close for comfort and ...romance

It was easy, fast pace reading. It had a surprise twist and turn action. And romance that is sizzle hot. I was engrossed with the characters and the story. A good read :) You met up Max from the first book to "Bullet Catcher" series too. Read the series, it worth it IMO :)

Here is the author website : Roxanne St. Claire


Melody said...

Roxanne's book...again. I can tell you're really addicted to her books eh? LOL. (Note: Not to be meant in a negative way!!!)

Julia said...

Yep - I love her's books :) And I didn't even think you were saying anything in negative way :)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

If you loved this, then read her Bullet Catcher series......wonderful!

Julia said...

Marilyn -

I already read the first two of the Bullet Catcher series and I love them :) Can't wait to read the third !

Now Merilyn - if you can get my friend, Melody, to read this series, I'll be forever grateful to you. She doesn't listen to me very well...and she like second opinion ;)