Monday, February 19, 2007

Angel's Fall by Nora Roberts

(Romance Suspense) * * * * 1/2 stars

Reece Gilmore, a sole survivor of a brutal crime back East, was on a run. She moved and settle in Angel's Fist, Wyoming and took a job in a diner as a cook help. She thought she only going to be there temporary until she ready to move again. But she was taken how glorious and beautiful it is in Angel's Fist. The hike and the mountain drawn her in. And the small town people seem to be friendly even when they bet or gossip on strangers. And she love being in Angel's Fist.

But a crime she saw in the Snake River of the mountain on the opposite bank, frighten her. She witness a murder and nobody seem to believe her. Not even the cop. She is a stranger and new comer to Angel's Fist, people thought. But she can only relay help from Brody, a crime writer, and to believe her.

Brody, a crime writer, was on the other side of the mountain when Reece rush to his side to tell him that she witness a murder. But when she took him to the spot where she saw it, there was no sign of anyone there. He decided to help her talk to the cop. But when he found out about her past, he was more concern for her, when the cop wonder if she may have been emotionally hallucinated a murder. But both Reece and Brody was going to continue to investigated to see if there was really a murder there....before the killer get to Reece.

Reeces and Brody was thrown together to help each other emotionally and physically. The tense hot romance between them were simply wonderful. And the relationship were throughly developed. Their characters were deeply detailed and real. Even the secondary characters were very well developed.

While I like the book, it wasn't among one of my favorite of Nora. But the books were greatly well written and I love all the characters and how they interacted. I found out easily and quickly who the killer was, before it was revealed. But I admit, that at one point there was only one scene that show the soft side of the killer that make you feel sorry for him/her (didn't want to revealed it gender of the killer *grin*).

Nora have great way of writing detailed breath-taking scenery and very well written characters developed and description of the places. I felt am always at the scenes when she write the places. It make me want to be there :) There also humors in the story, and I love Nora's sense of humors in every of her books. Great story, great Characters, great book :)

I recommend you to read it :)

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debi said...

Wow. That book sounds great! Think I may have to pick that one up. I have to admit, I'm not much of a romance reader. And I had (obviously mistakenly) assumed that's what Nora Roberts' books were.
Shame on me for making assumptions!
Thanks for the review!

Julia said...

Hi Debi -

Thanks for your comments on this reviews. Mind you, I am not professional reviewer, you will see lot of mistakes on my reviews ;)

Nora Roberts actually write all kind of variety of genres. Not just straight romance or straight suspense. If you prefer suspense, most of her stand alone are romantic suspense. So you should try that one. Caroline Moon, Blue Smoke and Three Fates are among my favorite.

Nora Roberts also write under a pen name JDRobb. Her JDRobb's books, The In Death series, are mostly futurstic romantic suspense, taken in the year 2050(if I recall)and that one have mostly murder in the that one. Including romance between two main characters who you will see through out the whole series.

You can't go wrong on any of her's books :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like to read too :) What authors do you read? Have a nice day!

kat said...

I'm a great Nora Roberts' fan (when I moved, her books alone took up three huge boxes). I've just finished the Circle Trilogy and Blue Smoke. Am moving on to Angels Fall this weekend. Have you seen the movie of this? I can't believe there's one already!

kat said...

Darn, I can't edit my comment. Sorry I have to do another one.

Just want to reply to Debi's comment. Yeah, alot of people aren't too keen on romance novels so they steer clear of that section in bookstores. However, my brother (he's eighteen) once read one of my Nora Roberts book out of boredom. I thought he was going to make fun of me but to my surprise, he asked to borrow another... and another... he's now reading the second of the Circle Trilogy. :p

Julia said...

Kat - Have you read the Quinn Brother? It the Chesakepeak Bay one of my favorite :) I love Blue Smoke, it one of my favorite too.

It wonderful that your brother is reading Nora Roberts books. I hope continue reading her

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you visit here more often :) Take care and have a nice day

Pamela Tyner said...

I love Nora's books. I haven't read this one, but I did see the movie last month on Lifetime. Of course, I'm sure the book is better than the movie, because they always are :)

Julia said...

Pamela - Yep the book are more better than the movie. They cut some important scenes IMO and changed things a little too.

But they did the same with all the other 3 movies("Montana Sky", "Blue Smoke", and "Carolina Moon") as well. I think Carolina Moon, IMO was the best movie out of the others. But it was also one of my favorite book read too.

Thanks for stopping by :)