Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Booking Through Thursday

So, in honor of Valentine's Day . . .

1. Love stories? Yes or No?

- I don't mind love stories in my book. However more often I read romance mixed in with other genres. Such as romance suspense or paranormal romance. Every now and then, I do read love stories.

2. If yes, "romances" as a genre? Or just, well, stories that have love stories? (Nobody's going to call "Pride & Prejudice" a "romance," right?)

- I love reading romance in genre. I hate it when people look down on us for reading romance. I think if they take the time to read the books, they'll see that it not bad as they think it is. IMO


Melody said...

I love books in general, so I don't care what genre as long as the stories suck me in!

It's funny that romance genres is one of the best selling genres out there, so I think it's kinda a contradiction for people who said they aren't worth reading. ;)

Julia said...

Melody - Well we going to prove the people who looked down on us, that they're wrong! They should read it before judging. Or just not say anythig at all ;)

Melody said...

Well, no harm done IMO. To each his own. LOL.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I love books and reading too, and I always seem to be drawn to the ones with happy endings, and usually those have relationships and luv and all that wonderful stuff! I don't read "romances" per se, but most of what I read has some kind of love angle to it. Good stuff, I certainly can't get enough of it :)