Wednesday, February 07, 2007


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What kind of care do you take of your books? Let's review, shall we?

1. Are you careful with the spines? Or do you crack your books open to make them lay flat?

- Yep I'm always careful with the spines. Sometime it even hard to read the books when you're trying not to pull the spines so far back to crack the spines. And I never lay them flat.

2. Do you use bookmarks? Or do you dog-ear the corners? If you do use bookmarks, do you use those fashionable metal ones? Or paper?

- I never dog ear the corners of the books. I always use bookmarks, and different kinds too. Even fashionable metal or papers too. Thanks to my great friends, I've received lot of book markers from the "Bookmarks Exchange" we've done for fun. Beside bookmarks, I also use other stuff to marks my pages (photos, movies ticket stubs. post cards, letters, papers..etc).

3. Do you write in your books? Ever? If you do, do you make small marks, or write in as much blank space as you can find? Pen or pencil? Highlighter? Your name on the front page?

- No - I never write on my books.

4. Do you toss your books on the floor? Into bookbags? Or do you treat them tenderly, with respect?

- I treated it tenderly of course with respect.

5. Do you ever lay your book face-down, to save your place?

- I never lay it face-down, always have something next to me to mark the pages.

6. Um--water? Do you bathe with your books? Hold them with wet hands? Read out in the rain? Anything of that sort?

- Hmmm sometime I do bathe with my books but tried to be careful to not drop them. But I don't do it so often. But I never read it out in the rain...that no no for me.

7. Are your books lined up on a bookshelf? Or crammed in any which way? Stacked on the floor?

- The keeper books are all lined up on the bookshelf but where there is no room for the newest book to go with the series books, I place it on top of the last book and stacked them up from there. My TBR piles are stacked up on the floor inside a tote bags. And each bags are stacked up into two row.

8. Do you make a distinction--as regards book care--between hardcovers and paperbacks?

- Paperback and Hardcover are taken care of in same manners. But sometime when I'm reading the Hardcover I would take the book jacket off and put it up somewhere, so that I can read the book without worrying about messing the jacket up.

9. And, to recap? Naturally, you love all of your books, but how, exactly? Are your books loved in the battered way of a well-loved teddy bear, or like a cherished photo album or item of clothing that's used, appreciated, but carefully cared for?

- I would say the books are like both cherished photo album and item of clothing that's used, appreciated but carefully cared for. As one of my friend always said, when you re-read the books over and over, you would know the book is being appreciated and loved :)

10. Any additional comments?

- I have habit of re-reading good series books often. So while most of my books are in good shape, it would have seem like the pages is failing out. But it not ;) And my books are place in orders in the matter of HC and PB. Every month I do take the book out and blow the side of the pages to get rid of dust on them :)


Melody said...

Definitely we have a lot in common, Julia. ;P

Julia said...

LOL - Didn't I say we are long lost twin sister?! ;)

Melody said...

Not when it comes to TV shows...LOL!

Julia said...

Well ...twin should have at least one thing different about each other LOL!

Melody said...

More than one I'd say! LOL.

Julia said...

Goodness! You're trying to find every way to NOT be my twin sisters bwahahahaha!

It good for twin to be different of their own, no matter if it only one or few things LOL

Melody said...

Oh no, I don't mean that, sister! LOL.

Melody said...
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Darla said...

Boy, you make me sound like such a book-abuser! :) LOL Now I'm going to have nightmares of all my books rebelling and attacking me in my sleep.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Many of my answers are very simliar. I'm very careful with my books and take pretty good care of them :)

Love that you blow the dust off yours, could you please come over every month or two and do that to mine lined up on the bookshelves!

Have a wonderful day!

Julia said...

LOL Darla! But you're the queen of speed for that - you made me sound like a slow poker LOL...and you betcha! Those books are probably conspiracy against you already while you sleep ;)

Stacy - LOL I do the blowing the dust off of my books monthly, but it sure does hurt the brain and the eyes when I do it repeatly..are you sure you want me to come over to do your? I might pass out on your floor from blowing LOL

Thanks Darla and Stacy for visiting my blog! Have a nice day!

meeyauw said...

I agree with Darla: I feel really bad now. :0(

It is amazing how similar Melody and Julia's responses were!

Julia said...

awww Meeyauw - As I said on your blog, what matter is that you LOVE to read. If you re-read the books so many times, then the books know that it been loved by you :)

Melody is trying to avoid being twin sister with me, but it can't be help LOL *wink*

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a nice day :)