Thursday, February 01, 2007

TTs # 2

13 New Favorite TV Show I love to watch

Okay this have been proven that I am addicted to TV show. Everyday I struggle with which shows to record and which to just watch while it on. Some day there three shows on at same time, and I have heck of decision what to do. Anyway below, is my 13 list of TV show that are brand new or just "new to me" at the time....

1 - Lost - I watched this show since day 1. But ever since then, the show have been leaving us with MORE questions and less answers. The mysterious of the show kept me on the edge of my seat. But the more they span out the show with more questions, the easier it might be to lose the fan interested. So I hope they will give us an answers to some of them soon. I'm still a avid watcher of this show, and adore seeing Sawyer bad boy attitudes on the show *grin* as well with all the other great casting characters too. I wonder if there is another island that we don't know existed out there on the show? What your take on the whole mystery of this show?

2 - 24 - What can I say about the wonderful kick butt Jack? Just love the man. He is a smart, strong and very heroestric agent who do just about anything to protect the country. And not only is the show incredible, but the characters are great acted. I still love ex-president David Palmer. I thought he was one of the great president for the country. Sadly, he is only an acting president and not real. And I was so sad that he no longer on the show. Love the action, the thrill and the surprise twist and turn of the a must watch for me. So glad that Kiefer Sutherland won award for best actor and the show won for best drama series TV show. I highly recommend watching it. Okay - do you think Jack's father is bad guy or not? And how do you like president Wayne Palmer so far?

3 - Heroes - I love the thought of everyday extraordinary human being who have the special ability power. We get to take look at each characters and see what kind of powers they have, why they have that powers and what they're going to do about it. You get to see glimpse of how their power affected their lives And each day we are left wondering if what they discover of their powers would be enough to help each other to save the the cheerleader. My favorite characters is Hiro. He is sweet, cute and funny. And of course he wanted to be the hero and save the world and the mission he knew he must save it. Can he? Would he make it in times? What about all the other heroes? And which special powers do you wish to have?

4 - Gilmore Girls - I didn't watch this show until the last two years. So I know I missed alot. But what I have seen, I really enjoy it. The relationship between Lorelai and Rory were interesting. Love that Lorelai try to be role model for her daughter, Rory. The mother got pregnant with her when she was very young and was left to take care of her daughter on her own. But Luke have been in their life too, since Rory was baby and have always been there for them. Love the relationship interaction between Lorelai,Luke and Rory. I just didn't like how the show ended Lorelai and Luke relationship and make it as if Luke is bad guy. I hope they get back together real soon. All the characters in Stars Hollow are all great casted imo. They're funny and I love their snippy, sarcastic funny and fast dialogs. What do you think will happen next?

5 - The Unit - a group of Ranger always on mission and their wives back at home in the base helping other wives and family. It interesting to watch as the men on their mission, and showing how they work. I like it that the wives back stories are shown too and not just leave it to the men on the mission all the times. It a great show. Am wondering why they are showing re-run and not new episodes. Am I missing something?

8 - OC - I have watched this show since the first season and been fan since. I love the sense of humors in the dialogs and the relationship in between. I really think that Sandy and Kirsten had a very strong marriage and been there for each other in bad and good. I love their relationship. And all the other cast were great too, especially Ryan/Taylor and sweet couple Seth and Summer. sadly to see that there is only a few episodes left before the season finale end. Do you think Seth and Summer would be married by the time the end of the season finale?

9 - Prison Break - I watched this since first season. It about two brothers on the run from prison, fighting to avoid being taken back to prison for a crime the oldest brother did not committed. It really interesting to see innocence people trying to fight to keep themselves alive and prove that they are not the murder. What happen to not guilty until it proven? Would Michael find justice for his brother Lincoln? What do you think will happen next? Do you think that Paul is really partnering with Michael and Lincoln to bring down the president Reynolds or is he doing this get the president approval of him?

10 - Desperate Housewives - I have watched this since day 1. Some day it get better then other weeks and sometime it slow moving. But humors are always there. It had funny, quirky, romance, relationship and....desperate wives. Funny scenes,characters and dialogues. Great mystery and twist and turn. And great looking men :) This season have been better now and I enjoy watching it more then I have since last few episodes. My favorite are either Bree or Lynette, Although Gabrielle is okay too. She make me laugh sometime. And who don't love Mike and Tom? Yummy! Who are your favorite housewives? What about the men? What about the couple?

11 - ER - I have watched this show since the first season. Since then many good characters left the show and it not the same anymore. For example, I still love Doc. Green and wish he didn't ended by dying of cancer. But it was one of those moments where you going to remember that episodes for many years to come. I cried my eyes out on that episode. Then one by one, some old characters leave and new members join in. Then we have to get use to seeing the new members and let them grown on us. I still like some of the characters that still there. Who are your favorite characters?

12 - Brothers and Sisters - This show reminded me of my family. The way they're always fighting but at the end of the days, thing work out....and then the next day start all over again. But we are always there for one another, no matter good or bad times. There always a problem but we tried to work it out. This show had many layer of interesting thing to discover and to learn about each person individual. I love that the family in the show are close knitted and yet at the same time have it funny moments. Who are your favorite brothers and sisters from the show?

13 - Grey Anatomy - The show had me hooked when watching the staff strive to save their patients as they are brought in to their hospital. Grey Anatomy are usually base on real life events outside our world, that you may have read from newspapers article or TV news. I'm amaze to see what problem are happening everyday and see how the Grey Anatomy staff solve the difficult situation problem from the real life events on their show. characters are fun and romance. Also there are great looking men to choose from and see their relationship develops with the women. Who would you want to "get away" with - McSteamy or McDreamy??? *wiggling eyebrows* *grin*

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Di said...

I think you are my husband's soul mate!!! I share your love of 24, but gave up trying to coordinate my watching with my husband's schedule. I have a very funny e-mail about Jack Bauer that I would love to share...comment on my TT and let me know if you want it.

If I hear one more thing about Heroes, I am going to have to find some way to get all the shows to date and watch them in a marathon. My 11 year old son LOVES it!

Darla said...

Wow, you were up late! LOL--you know I don't watch any of these... except I'll watch Lost when it comes out on DVD, and I will try Heroes when it's available on Netflix. :)

Christine said...

My husband and I are really getting into Heroes. We think Hiro is really cute, and we keep wondering about Claire's father.
Great list of shows.
Come visit my Valentine's T13!

Julia said...

Hi Di - thanks for visiting my blog and sending me the fun fact on Jack Bauer. I enjoy it :)

Hey Darla - of course you knew me so well *grin*! I thought you were watching Lost currently now?

Christine - I love the list of ideas you listed on your T13! I throughly enjoy them. I plan to use them :)

Melessa said...

I like a lot of these shows too! I wish I had seen Lost from the beginning. There doesn't seem to be a lot of point starting to watch now. Maybe I'll start with the previous season DVD's.

Qtpies7 said...

Love lots of those! I hate Lost, though. Our new favorite show is one we refused to watch because we didn't want to be "dumbed down" now we stay up til midnight every night with the teens and watch 2 episodes! Scrubs! TOOOOOO funny!
You can find my TT here:

miki said...

Why Prosin Break is on 9 position? It should be on first :) The best TV show ever!

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ouch. I don't watch a single one of those!

Have a great week!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Wow! You are an extremely loyal viewer! There aren't many shows that I can say I've watched religiously since the very beginning.

I love Lost, 24, and two you didn't menion...Stand Off and Veronica Mars. Haven't gotten into Gilmore Girls yet.

Thanks for visiting!

Maggie M. Thornton said...

24 - wouldn't miss it. I started watching Lost a couple of seasons ago but missed a few and didn't get back to it. Scrubs and Studio 60 on Sunset Strip are on my list of things to do. I watched Ugly Betty a couple of times and liked it.

This is my first TT - sorry I'm so late posting.

Maggie's Notebook

Marianne Arkins said...

Heroes is my absolute favorite new show. I love, Love, LOVE Hiro!! He's always so upbeat and happy and heroic.

Believe it or not, I don't watch any of those other shows (I just don't have time!).

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Julia said...

Hi Everyone!

Melessa- You must watch Lost from the beginning otherwise you would be really...well...lost ;) It good show! Thaks for stopping by

Qtpies7- I like Scrubs too. But with other TV shows on at the same time, I had to chose one to the other ;) Thanks for stopping by :)

Miki - Actually I didn't started out listed these in order, but looking back at it now, I realized that might be the case LOL. But really it wasn't in any particular order. Thanks for stopping bye :)

Susan - Your yummy hero is good to eat. Can't wait to read him. Thanks for stopping by :)

Alyssa- So happy to see a fan of "24" here LOL! Who don't love Jack? ;) I did watch Stand Off for awhile but then lost the interest. If another show didn't happen to be on same time Stand off did, I would have watched it more. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Magie- Yay another "24" fan ;) I do watch Ugly Betty! Please try to watch Lost from the beginning...or you'll miss the clue on things. I did watched Studio 60 for awhile but lost interested. Maybe I get back to it in another time..if they show re-run. Welcome to your first TT ! Thanks for stopping by :)

Marianne- I love Hiro too!And I agree what you said about him. Thanks for stopping by :)

*phew!* Am done...thanks everyone for visiting and please have a very safe and warm weekend!

Leigh said...

Hi Julia

Thanks for stopping by. sorry i'm so late - blogger was messing me around last week.

I don't watch any of your shows. I watch Dr Phil, The Apprentice, Amazing Race and Survivor. LOL

Have a great week!