Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dessert First

Booking Through Thursday

1. Do you cheat and peek ahead at the end of your books? Or do you resolutely read in sequence, as the author intended?

2. And, if you don’t peek, do you ever feel tempted?

I never cheat or peek ahead at the end. I'm not an end reader. To me reading the book from the beginning, through the middle, to the plot and leading you to the ending is the idea of given you the enjoyment of the book..if that make sense. If I read the ending, that take away the enjoyment of reading it and I won't feel like I want to keep reading. If I discover ahead of time of who dunnit, if there a HEA or surprise at the end, why bother read the book? Take away the suspense and the excitement feeling. Especially when if you waited for a very long time to get your favorite book, only to discover the excitement no longer there because you "know" what happen already. I don't want to ever do that ;) SO I read the whole book :)

I do however get tempted to take a peek, but that does not happen often. When friends or reviewer said something about the book, it make me curious to see what all the raves/rant is about. So I peek *grin*.......

How about you? Do you cheat and or peek? Get tempted to?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!


Alice Teh said...

Me no peek. Me good girl. LOL.

I'm a systematic reader, Julia. And coincidentally, I read everything in the pages of the book, just like Mel too. Coolness!

Julia said...

Alice - you crack me up! That make two of us LOL

I read the book from beginning all the way to the end. Thanks for posting! It always a joy to hear from you ;) :)

Melody said...

Great answer, Julia!
I know most of us will get the same answers! :D

Hi Alice, I'm glad to find someone who did that too. LOL.

Happy BTT to you ladies!

Alice Teh said...

I'm calling this a Grinning Thursday. I can't stop grinning, thanks to you ladies (yes, we are all ladies...), even though it's thundering outside. It's raining meows and woofs now.

Julia said...

I'm sure most of us get the same answers, Melody :) And sure does seem to be "Grinning Thursday", I'm just cracking up at all your replied at my just make me laugh LOL! Be good!

I hope you weather out the big raining of cats and dogs. You know the rain does not sound good with all that animals racket noises ;)

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm clearly in the minority! LOL...

My answer ishere.

Chris said...

You're all too good! Mine will be up in a moment.

Ghost said...

This has been interesting for me because of all the people who read in my family, my dad and I are the only two who don't skip to the end. ;)


Rhinoa said...

See you have now all made me feel so gulty for occassionally peeking! I still maintain it doesn't spoil it and I have never read more than the last paragraph which often doesn't give much away anyway... :p

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great answer Julia :) I'm not a peeker either. Like you, I feel like it would ruin it sometimes for me!

Happy Reading :)

Stephanie said...

Nope. I don't peek either. It really ruins the experience for me!

Happy Reading!

bookinhand said...

I know what you mean about spoiling the ending. Would we want someone to tell us how a movie ended before we see it? I would think not! Diane

Rowena said...


Great post, although for me, a little spoiler won't ruin a book for me, I'll still gobble it right up and love it even if I know what's going to happen which is something I just learned about myself. =)

Trish said...

Looks like most of us like to hold out a little bit. For me I think its about the excitement of wanting to know so badly but not looking. As they say in "Vanilla Sky" I think I'm a pleasure delayer.

kat said...

I agree with Rowena. I take a peek at the ending, not all the time, though. And I have my reasons why I do peek hehe.

Julia said...

Marianne - See! You wasn't the only one...I saw someone same as you *grin*

Chris - I saw your entry...great!

Ghost - I wish my family still read agian. My two sisters use to be big reader but stopped. You lucky to have family who read. Then I weren't have to worry about what gifts to give them on their birthday *LOL* *grin*

Rhinoa - aww don't feel guilty. Everyone work in their own way and that is okay. It make the friendship no different :)

Stacy - Yes, it spoiled and ruin things for me too :) Thanks for compliment

Stephanie - For me too!

Bookinhand - Nope, I weren't want the movies to be spoiled either *grin*

Rowena - It great to always learn something about ourself. Learn and know about yourself first before you can find happiness

Trish - That the good reason :)

Kat - Hey, nice to see you here. Everyone is either peeker or no peeker and we all have our different reason why. There no wrong or right way to do it. Just what ever satisified and please you

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I hope you have a nice weekend!