Sunday, July 01, 2007

Convincing Alex by Nora Roberts

(Contemporary Romance - Silhouette)
Nora Roberts website
5/5 stars

This is re-read for me. I'm re-reading the book for discussion for JDRobb group. I'm little bit late to join in discussion but it never too late to post my thoughts. The book is a two complete novel Luring a Lady and Convince Alex about the Stanislaski Brothers. I didn't read Luring a Lady but I did read the other one since that was not discussed too long ago. And of course to help Darla out, since she did these most on her own...poor lassie hehe.

Alex Stanislaski, a New York Cop, were working on a case of two young lady who was murdered. It lead him to Rosalie, a prostitute who may be able to give him the information he needed. Instead he end up arresting Bess McNee for soliciting. And when he soon discover later that Bess was there for a research for her popular soap Opera TV show, it made him think how careless she was for putting herself into danger.

After her arrest, Bess realized that Alex could be the "research" that she need to write her scripts for the next scenes for her soap opera show. So when she was given permission to observe a day in Alex work life by the mayor(who is a friend of Alex Captain), she took the chance. After a long arguments over the danger that Bess is putting herself to, things get complicated when Bess saw a victims of another young girl at the crime scenes and their relationship began to get serious. She then understood how Alex have put himself at risk everyday and why he was protecting her from danger. Alex can't seem to fight his attraction feeling he have for her, and he end up fallen in love with her. But he put himself on guard when he learn that Bess have been engaged three time and it make it difficult for him to trust Bess when she is convinced that this times he is her true love. Now Bess just have to convince Alex that it is real love

I enjoy re-reading Convincing Alex and thought it was good. The characters were likable and in some scenes show emotions that you can't help but feel for the characters. The reading were smooth and easily to read. A very fast pace reading. This is one of the classic book that I would re-read again and again. And I recommend you to read it :)

Nora Roberts is so good with writing characters and dialogues that it two of the favorite things I like about her. I also love how she make the characters interacted with each other -- even family. She do write a good family. And even if Nora write almost the same situation in her books, the different would be that she make the characters reacted differently. So nothing is the same imo. You can't go wrong reading any of Nora's books. It just that good :)


Melody said...

Great review, Julia! And yeah, I know how you like Nora Roberts' books!!! ;P

kat said...

Yeah! Hurray for Nora Roberts! I guess her writing style has spoiled me for other writers :) I love how she writes her dialogues, and how the characters interact with each other, how they just seem to jump out of the pages and are standing right next to you. :) Of the Stanislaski's stories, I like Nick and Freddie's best. I often re-read the earlier books for the parts about Nick and Freddie hehe. Great review!

Julia said...

Kat - I so agree with everything you say. Her characters is so real, I just love it. Her dialogues are funny and love how she write POV of the males too :)

Thanks for visiting!

Alice Teh said...

I agree! I agree!...

Julia said...

OHHHHHHH I'm getting Alice addicted to Nora's books now hehehe