Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Julia's Birthday Wish Contest: Winners!

Two things I want to talk about today. First I'm going to tell you what I did on my birthday. And than am going to announce the winners of my give away for "Julia's Birthday Wish Contest". Here the detail....

First I want to apology for posting the winners announcement late. My sister from Seattle, WA came down for a week visit, so I've been busy. I hope to catch up on everything soon, once my sister leave this Friday. And hopefully I will have some reading time too :) I did had a nice birthday. Family got me some a cake with strawberry flavor. Than we went to go play pool. It was fun. Than I got a new TV! Just like I want it. Gotta say, there is good and bad thing about the new edition of TV models. One need a cable box in order for the VCR/DVD combo to work well with the new TV..*sigh*. Than we throw a party to celebrate my mom 60th birthday on Saturday (even though her birthday was on Monday)We invited all her friends and she had a blast. I will be posting less for the next three days until Friday. But I will be checking my blog every now and than. If you post comments, I promise to response as soon as I can. And I be posting book reviews late as well. :)

I want to say thanks to everyone for your participation. It has been a pleasure to run this contest on my birthday. It's such treat to be able to pass on my books and share it with someone who love to read as much as I do :)

It's fun for me to see which books interested you enough to want to read it. I think it said a little bit about you and your reading taste. I came to a hard decision, since both two winners that I drawn want the same book. And I want to play fair. So I took the two names and decided to put it back on the bowl, and have my niece drawn the name out. The name she drawn out, win that book. I decided to let the 2nd place winner to chose another book from the list. I hope that seem fair to both winners

The winners are:

1st place - Alice - Hello, My Name is Alice, You've won Reunion in Death by JDRobb

2nd place - Danika/openchannel - The Accidental Novelist, could you please chose another book from the list that you want


Would the two winner please email me: "Juliayen2u at gmail dot com" with your home address so that I can sent off your prize books!

P.S. - Another announcement, I want to thanks my very good friend Darla for the surprise birthday present she sent me. It was a book, Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh. I've been meaning to get me a copy of this book, but been waiting. Thanks to Darla so much for putting lot of thought into getting this book for me. She is one of the nicest and sweetest person I know *smooches* *hugs* :)

I hope everyone have a good day and the weekend ahead!


Melody said...

I'm sure you enjoyed your birthday and your gifts, Julia! A TV sounds great, especially when you're such a TV addict, LOL!

Congrats to Alice for winning a book, again! She is always so lucky! ;)

Alice Teh said...

OMG!!! I WON!! I WON!!

I'm fainting from joy. Too much joy!

THANK YOU, Julia! Come, let me give you a BIIIIIIIG HUG. (I can't give you a kiss so...)

Danika / OpenChannel said...

Hi Julia - wow, how great is that? I've won 3 books from blogs in the last few months, which is perfect because our librarians have been on strike since July 26, so all our libraries are closed!!

Hmmm... I'll take Fatal Error, since that also got high reviews on Amazon. I'll e-mail you my addy.

Whee! Thanks!

Darla said...

Here's something to get you blogging again: tag! you're it!