Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Live and In - Person

Yes, I know that I had this sent 4 days late. The funny thing is, I did posted this on October 12, but somehow it end up in draft. And I never notice it until today October 16...*sigh*..so better late than never *grin*...here goes my answers :)

Booking Through Thursday

I said in August, when we talked about fan mail, that I planned on expanding that to live meetings when the time was right. Well, that time is now!

Have you ever met one of your favorite authors? Gotten their autograph?
How about an author you felt only so-so about, but got their autograph anyway? Like, say, at a book-signing a friend dragged you to? How about stumbling across a book signing or reading and being so captivated, you bought the book?

- I've met two of my favorite authors in the past. Nora Roberts and Suzanne Brockmann. And they personalized signed the books for me. They are a wonderful and sweet ladies, even though I was nervous. The only time that I brought a book that is so-so to me and got it autographed was when I was at TTP (Turn the Pages) in Maryland in July 5 years ago. But that happen only once. I don't think I ever stumble across a book and than buy it when I am captivated. I normally leave that to my friends to tell me if the books are worthy to read or give me suggestion on recommend.

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Melody said...

Nora Roberts & Suzanne Brockmann!!! Yeah...both of them are my favourite authors. You're so fortunate to have met them, Julia!!!

Julia said...

Melody - I'm sure someday you will met Nora and Suzanne. I want you to be able to met them too :)

Marg said...

You know what..I've just had a look and mine is in draft as well! Weird!

Alice Teh said...

You met with Ms Roberts? I'm soooooooo jealous. LOL. You lucky gal! :D

Julia said...

Marg - Oh, than maybe it wasn't us but the blogger website fault than? for past two days I had problem getting in, and I thought maybe blogger going under maintaence or something...

Alice - Yep I did met Nora Roberts, but I made a real big fool of myself in front of her LOL..very embarrassing to me *blushing* ;) :)