Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Heroes by Rachel Lee & Catherine Mann

This is a two stories in one book, written by two NY time bestseller author Rachel Lee and Catherine Mann. Both stories are brand new. I have read both authors previously work and really enjoy them all.

Also Catherine Mann's Christmas at His Command marked the finish 50 book challenge...YAY! So now that I have reach my goal reading 50 books for this year, I can continue to enjoy my reading and challenge myself to see the totals of how many books I read in the year 2007.

# 49. A Soldier for All Seasons by Rachel Lee 4 1/2 stars

U.S. Marine Jon Erikson went home to Conard City, Wyoming to find peace for the holiday season. After being away to Afghanistan, he want to feel home again. Entering the old Mahoney's Bar that he remember, he saw that nothing have changed except for new faces. Thinking no one will know him except for the owner of the bar Mahoney, he drown himself into his beer. But an attraction spark happen when he met a park ranger, Melinda Hawthorne. Who had a childhood crush on him. He learn later that Melinda is haunted by secrets, after they spent indoor away from the blizzard snows. And he have helped her to survived it. Spending time together with each other and her dog Noel, they fell in love and find happiness again.

This short story is part of the Conard County series. There are 8 books in the series. But I got the list in order from a friend, and it seem there more than 8 books. I love these books. It is more straight romance and it always leave me heavenly sigh at the end. I read these for comfort and it made me fall for the characters and the family. The list the books in order are:

1. Exile's End
2. Miss Emmaline and the Archangel
3. A Conard County Reckoning
4. Destination
5. The Catch of Conard County
6. Cowboy Come Home
7. Boots and Badges
8. Involuntary Daddy

Rachel Lee use to have her own official website, but unfortunately a spammer end up taken her name and use it for adult website. Rachel is trying to find a new home for her website and when she find one, she will update her reader about it. In the mean time, there is website where you can find info on her books. Just click here.

#50. Christmas at His Command by Catherine Mann 4 1/2 stars

(writing from the book back blurbs)- Keeping Senator Ginger Landis was General Hank Renshaw's top priority. He wouldn't let anything put her at risk - including his growing feelings for her. Danger threw them intimately together, taking them t a passionate point of no return.

I really enjoy this book. Catherine write well with military romance. The characters are great and I fell in love with them.

I have been trying to collect Catherine Mann's Wingmen Warriors series. I'm waiting for my friend from England, UK to sent me the first 4 books of the series. Before I can read the rest of the books that I already have. Catherine also has a brand new series out and she only released two books so far: Code of Honor and Blaze of Glory. It from the HQN books publishing. I like those alot. To see more of Catherine books at her website, click here.

Tried to read books by Catherine Mann and Rachel Lee, you won't regret it :)


Melody said...

Julia, I enjoy reading military romances too. Lindsey McKenna also writes great military romance IMO, hopefully you will check out her books too. :)

Julia said...

Melody - I've not try Lindsey McKenna yet, but I know that you've been reading her. I will try to remember to pick up one of her book the next time....