Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Creation in Death by JDRobb

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Futuristic/Mystery/Contemporary Romance
4 1/2 stars

Okay, so I'm not sure what genres these series category to. But I know there are mixed of all three. So I just put them all. Of course, I wasn't sure if contemporary romance should be there. But these books do have romance (Eve and Roarke) in them. It took me awhile to read this book and review it. I'm slowly reading books these days. But are trying to pick up my reading habits to a speed this time :)

Nine year earlier a man whom the media have called him "The Groom", has took the lives of four women. He would artfully arrange the body of brunette woman and spread their arm, palms up and than marked them by signs of prolonged and even torture them. And there always a silver rings placed in their third finger of their left hand. Carving their torso is what took the times for them to to die. The media was on edge because of the frighten killing spree. Nine years ago, NYPSD Lieutenant Eve and her partner Feeny was unable to stop him before he suddenly disappear, never to be seen again......

Now he have came back and this time his most recent victims turn out to be employed of Roarke, whose happen to be Eve's billionaire husband. The victims was washed from producted that was owned by Roarke and was laid on a sheet that the company manufactures. When Eve found that "The Groom" has made it personal, she bring Roarke in to help and work with her at the Central. Because Eve is familiar with his method of killing, she hoped her team would be able to find the "The Groom" and stop him this time from killing more women or she might be the next killer's target. Time is running out and it is a challenge for Eve to get him this time around and redeem herself.

Mean while, Roarke is discovering for the first time what it like working at the Central. Normally when Eve asked for him for help, he does all the work in his office at home. This time he left his comfort zone and end up in Central.

JDRobb aks Nora Roberts, has kept up with a very creative story that keep you entertained and wanting more. She kept the story moving in fast pace with urgency of the characters tension to solve and catch the killer. A wonderful and charming characters that grow on you as you think of them as your own family. And you get a glimpse of another days, behind Eve and Roarke marriage life too. A very good book read. I can't wait to read the next In Death installment!


Melody said...

Julia, I understand you have been busy lately, thus that explains about your slow reading, hehe... Anyway, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying this series as usual. ;)

Kristie (J) said...

I'm never sure what category these go in either *g*. Of course one could make the argument that they belong in a category of their own!
I really enjoyed this one too. Well - I've enjoyed every single one so far to be honest, but it was nice that Roarke could see Eve at work from the inside isn't it? And just think - it's not that long before her next one is out!!!

Julia said...

I can't wait for the next installment either. What the title for the next one? I'm trying to catch up on the In Death book.

It sure was nice to see that Roarke could see Eve work. I love their relationship....

Thanks for visiting my blog. It been a long while since I visit your...sorry about that. Well try to make up for it :)

Kristie (J) said...

The next one is Strangers in Death and it officially comes out Feb. 19th. I already have it pre-ordered. It's much cheaper to get it online at Chapters than in the store for some reason. She is the only author I order hardcover anymore.
I think it's lovely to see Eve and Roarke in a marriage. We so very seldom see that. I love seeing them change and grow and compromise with each other - since that's really what marriage is.
And you're welcome. I have so many links now, I don't get to some of them as often as I'd like. And whilst I was internetless - I didn't get to any!!! - which was real painful.

Julia said...

Oh thanks for the title! I normally buy the books once it released in paperback. But I do get the Hardcover from library. I surely love JDRobb books

I agree, it is nice to see what going on with the couple in their marriage. We seldom see that in books. And it interesting to see how much characters growth as well as marriage growth. One of the reason why I love the In Death series

I hope you be able to visit those many links that you yet to visit for long awhile. And internetless, can be painful. I know I can't stay away from internet that long! LOL :)