Monday, January 07, 2008

Feel the Heat by Kathryn Shay

Contemporary (silhouette Super Romance)
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This happen to be re-read book. I didn't realize that I've read it already in the past, until I read it again. And my feeling of the book remain the same. The cover art (at the top) is the English version. My friend Angela , who live in England UK, sent me this books and along with the next three books in the trilogy (which now became 4 books). Thank so much Angela! BUT these books she sent me were all UK version. If you like to see the cover art for Feel the Heat, click UK version. Isn't it pretty? I admit I like this cover much better, because it show real people :)

I try to find the original review that I did on this book, but I couldn't find it on this blog. Maybe I never put the review up here....

Firefighter Francesca Cordaro end up in the hospital with broken arm, after she saves the life of Alex Templeton from the warehouse that caught on fire. Not only that, she accidentally drop Alex down when she fell and he end up with few bruises and some smoke inhalation to the head and into the hospital. Alex came to Francey to thanks her for saving his life and offer to bring her some Shrimp scampi from Rio. No sooner did Francesca like Alex company and found him attractive and charming. Not until she found out later that Alex is the CEO owner of the Templeton's Industries building. She don't want to end up hurt so she couldn't be with someone who is outsider - just like her mom.

Alex, could not understand why a brave woman like Francey won't take a chance on love. But he want to prove to her that she meant something to him. And show her that two different people from different world, can work.

Francey's mom have left her father after six years of marriage. But not only did she left her husband, she also left her three kids. Now she is back and it only stirred up old memories of the past for Francey, her two brothers and her dad Ben.

The police were still investigation to where the fire, origin from Alex's warehouse. And the closer they look, the closer they will soon find the answer.

Feel the Heat is a story of two strong couples fallen in love. I felt the characters gone through their angst, anxiety and admitting their love for each other. And even if there is characters you like, sometime you just want to "take their shoulder and shake them" but you will feel warm up to them as they redeem themselves. I love the interaction between the heroine and the "brotherly" characters - they're a team. A close knit group who work together and depend on one another. And Alex (the main heroe), he is sweet, caring and charming guy. :)

Here is the order the books trilogy of "America's Bravest" to be read:

Feel the Heat
The Man Who Loved Christmas
Code of Honor
The Fire Within (the trilogy have become 4 books)

Kathryn Shay is one of my favorite author. I've read her Hidden Cove trilogy and really love it. Kathryn books are usually realistic and physically and emotionally intense. Her characters are real and you can't help but fall for them as they fight through life as firefighter and finding loves or reunited with their love one, once again.


Melody said...

Wow, I can tell you really enjoyed this book since you rated it 5-stars! ;) I prefer the cover you posted on the blog, it gives me the impression of a 'classic' book, hehe.

Julia said...

I still prefer the UK version. It give the feel of the story being realistic. And real people hehehe

Thanks for comments. As I said my impression of the book remain the same as the first time :)

Marianne Arkins said...

She would be a "new to me" author, but now I'm going to have to give her a try! Great review.

Julia said...

I think you will like it Marianne, so give Kathryn a try :)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, this sounds like a heartwarming read. I might try her books one day. :)

Julia said...

Alice - I hope someday you pick up this book. I think you will like this author :)