Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 30

Why My Reading Have been slowed

1. Since this January of 2008, a week before Thanksgiving and during the Christmas holidays, I began to have a reading slump....again. I thought I would over pass it once the holidays is gone but unfortunately it isn't so. I thought maybe it because I was too caught up with the holidays spirit that when it over, I would settle down and read again. Nope - that isn't so either. I've been so busy, that it take away my free times to read too. Here are the reason why my reading have slowed.

2. I end up having to do two things everyday - 1. Go to work with mom and assistant her with alteration customers clothes and 2. Babysitting three years little Landen. With these two on my schedules, it hard to find the right time to sit and read. I'm contantly on call and never know when I'll be free or have day off.

3. Than two weeks after Christmas, I got sick for nearly two weeks from virus cough. Landen, 3 years old boy, got sick and because I babysit him I caught the germs and got sick. I kick back the virus with some cough medicine and take NyQuil at night for an easy sleep. And than a friend sent me two antibiotic medicines, one is the oil oreganol and the other is water sovereign silver (silver hydrosol). I got better after I took it..thanks goodness! But than my mom caught it and she end up being sick for two weeks too...*sigh*. But now she is better :)

4. Than all the TV shows that I need to catch up on need my attention. Even TV shows that I've record on tape, have never been seen until I finally broke down to watch it, late at night. I knew that if I don't watch it sooner, the next episodes will seem strange and confusion because I didn't see the last week episodes. I hate to be confuse. But lately, since Writer strike, the shows are now just showing re-run or it already ended it seasons. Thank goodness "Lost" is back today (Thursday Jan. 31)! And it will be 2 hours premiere event, starting tonight at 7PM central! *doing a stupid, silly, happy snoopy dance*

5. I've also been busy catching up on movies that was sent to me from Netflix in the mail. I get three movies at same times. Depend of course how many DVD movies I return back. But with what going on with my life, it hard to be able to have the time to sit and watch movies. I normally watch movies with my niece Trish, but she too have been busy. And I want to be able to watch it with her. Some movies took until 2 weeks until I finally watch it and return it back to Netflix. I enjoy their service, Netflix is great! The three recently movies I watch was: "War" (Jet Li & Jason Statham), " The Santa Clause 3 (Tim Allen) and "La Femme Nikita" (Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis. *notice* - La Femme Nikita actually a TV show base on the cult motion picture. The show run for 5 years, ending it show in 2001. It about Nikita witness a woman murder and was taken to jail for life imprisonment but she has a choice to whether she want life imprisonment or work for Section One. They're a clandestine anti-terrorism organization. She chose Section One. It a very good shows if you like kick butt heroine, action and romance. I watch it in the middle of the season on TV, so I decided to start from the beginning, with Season 1. Fun and Cool!

6. Because I spent so much time either working or babysitting, I never have much time to spent with my niece Trish. So every other days would be "Trish" day, which mean we get out of the house and have fun together. Mostly we end up at the malls or going to restaurant to eat. Our favorite to eat out these days is either Raising Canes, Ruby Tuesday, Taco Bell, King Buffet..etc. Or just anything pasta or chicken (my favorite).

7. One of my friend just had a baby, a boy name Nicholas who is born preemie and weighted Because he was preemie, he couldn't come home the same day his mom was released from hospital. So my friend was worry about Nicholas because he was put in a tube machine (so he can eat) and he was so small that he wasn't strong enough to be home. For few days we pray for him...when finally I heard the new last Tuesday that he was able to come home I was excited and happy for her. Knowing that my friend can smile again made me happy. I also was a preemie baby. I Weighted Family was afraid to drop me because I was so tiny...hehe. So this is a Happy Birthday Nicholas shout out *grin*.

8. Than an old friend's mom came down for visit. She is an elder grandmother who is sweet as pie. She so kind and funny to talk to. But sometime she drive me and family nuts but we love her though :) With her being here, it hard to pick up a book to read because I'm always in and out of the house to take her to places she want to go

9. Than my mother's cousin stop by for visit because he want to take a 3 days class to study cosmetology and beauty school for nails here. so he need a place to stay. During his 3 days here, when he not in school, he went around visiting my aunts and uncle. As well as cousin too. I never met him before so it has been an interesting to learn about him. Lot of catching up on what going on with his life and mine. When he went home last Thursday, we were sad to see him go :)

10. My niece Trish and I have to take mom to doctor. Sometime gout end up on her finger but always on her feet. When it get into her finger, it swollen so bad that she get into lot of pain. A year or two ago, she has gout that end up leaving a huge bump on her front middle finger. It so huge that after the swollen goes down the bump never did go down with it. She want to see if the doctor can remove it. I hope they able to :) *notice update* - Today she went to the doctor and they given her a shot on the finger to bring down the swollen and hopefully the bump goes down with it *end notice update*

11. Landen, three old boy I babysit, gotten stomach flu virus. He hardly eat any foods and that concern us because he normally eat lot of foods. So few days of worrying and taking him to the hopistal. Than finally coming to an end when he finally eat, was a relief - YAY! I love that little guy! He call me aunt Yen..heheh

12. Chinese/Vietnamese New Year is approaching next week, so we getting everything prepare for the big event at our church community,this weekend. We setting a family festival where people can go to eat, play games and catch up on everyone live. There is a live concert with famous Asian singers on stage singing or performance a funny play for the audience. So I've been helping with setting the foods and display decoration and preparing for the event. It'll be a 2 days event (Saturday & Sunday)

13. And I over exhausted myself, that by the end of the day I'm so tired that when I get home from whatever/where-ever I'm doing/going I want to just go sleep. And sometime, even though I'm very tired, I still go in to check my emails to make sure everything that need my attention is taken care of before I take a nap. And once that done, after talking to my friends -- I pass out to sleep once my head hit the pillow. So with all that happen in my life and reading habit have been slow and I'm in a reading slump. I pray that I'll find the time to relax and settle down to read again. Keep your fingers and toes cross for me :) And I do need someone to PUSH me to read. I need to be back in tune with the program! Please someone...HELP *grin*

So that is the reason why my reading have been slowed. Have you ever been in reading slump? What did you do to recover from it? :)

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Melody said...

Oh wow, no wonder you have a reading slump! I can understand how you feel, and it's never fun to be sick! I'm glad everyone is well.

And I hope you will be able to find some time to read. I want to read more book reviews! ;)

Julia said...

Melody - LOL pressure pressure pressure. It always a pressure with reviews LOL! Just kidding! I will try my best to read quicker this time :)

Melody said...

I'll be looking forward to it. ;) But hey, no pressure! LOL.

Jan Parrish said...

Wow! You have been busy. Happy 13!

Julia said...

Melody - It nice that you want to read my reviews :) Thanks

Jan - Yep busy as bee :) Thanks for stopping by!

Alice Teh said...

WHOOOOAAA!... Look at all the stuff that has happened! No wonder... Now, now... I can't wait to have Julia back. :D

I may need to back off blogging a bit in the next two months when I pick up two study modules. It's going to be NUTS. If I totally disappear from the radar, you'll know why ;)

Darla said...

Boy, have you been busy! No wonder you haven't been reading as much. Don't sweat it--just wait until life settles down a bit and you'll feel more like reading. I know for myself, if I force myself to read, I tend not to enjoy the books nearly as much.

Rian Fike said...

That really took me on a trip with you. Very entertaining, thanks!

Julia said...

Alice - Well it no fun when Alice is not around! You be miss. Hope you won't be gone long. But do have fun with the two study modules!

Darla - I starting to think maybe I'm picking these vibe afer you LOL! I hope to be able to settle right after Chinese/Vietnamese New Year. I think that when everything is calm and I can get my reading back again :) In the meantime, you take care of yourself and I hope your busy life don't take you away from the JDRobb group *g*

Rian - Your welcome for the entertainment *grin*. I hope you come back here again :)

Have a good Thursday everyone!
Juia - Yen

pussreboots said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy. Happy TT.

Alice Teh said...

I will try to make a stop here at your bloggie everyday (and Melody's too). But if you don't see me, that doesn't mean you're not on my mind... :)