Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chasing Stanley by Deirdre Martin

Contemporary Romance(Berkley Sensation)
Deirdre Martin's Website
4 1/2 stars

For January: Read a book that has an animal in the title
Examples from Darla shelves:

So Long, and Thanks for ALL the Fish by Douglas Adams

Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt

A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony

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I chose to read Chasing Stanley by Deirdre Martin. Yes I know that there is no animals in it title, however "Stanley" in the title - happen to be the name of a dog. So I thought this is perfect for this challenge *grin*. This book is the 6th book of the New York Blades Hockey series. I've been following the book in order and enjoy reading them all. I like reading Deirdre Martin's hockey books

Jason Mitchell, a professional hockey player, was traded to go to the team of his dream - The New York Blades. He took his Newf dog along but a problem arise when his dog couldn't adjust to New York city life to well. Than he met Delilah and thought she was god sent to help him train his dog, Stanley.

Delilah Gould, a professional dog trainer, decided to help when she see a dog disobeying orders from it owner. More over, she thought the owner need to be trained too, because he need to be taught some few trick on his dog. They made schedule to trained Stanley before she can boarded him. And from there, is when their romance started.

Jason hope to score and win the big time Stanley Cup, for New York Blades third win. But for now, he trying to take it all in that he is now playing for Blades team. He would make his stay in New York all worth awhile. But it become harder for Jason to do well because his twin brother who is his rival team, is playing for the Jersey hockey team. And that he I've been practice not only his game but his dog as well. Would he be able to score his winning for New York Blades third Stanley Cup and the woman he fallen in love with, whose tamed his dog?

Chasing Stanley is a delightful read with wonderful characters. It witty, charming and fast pace reading. You can see Delilah over come her shyness and struggles with social anxiety. And you can feel Jason trying his best to make his dream come true. And what more to touch your heart is Stanley. It refreshing to have pet in the story who bring Jason and Delilah together. Those who are pet lover might enjoy this book. We get to see previous characters in their role in helping Jason do his best. And we also see a little of what happen with their life and their women. I love seeing previous characters make appearance, one of the things I love about series/trilogies or connection books. Even in sport themes. I can't wait to read Just a Taste, the next installment book.

New York Blades books in order

Body Check
Fair Play
Total Rush
The Penalty Box
Same Rink, Next Year (Anthology from "Hot Ticket")
Chasing Stanley
Just a Taste


Melody said...

Ah...I almost fooled by the title, Julia! ;P But I'm glad you enjoyed this series.

Julia said...

*chuckle* Melody it sure seem confusing hehehe. But it a nice read :) I think the book can be more of an connection books whether than the series books.