Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 32

Books Won From the Contests

I love to win a prizes from contest all the times. I go from authors website or blog to enter their contests. Or it could be from my Yahoo Group/loops. I don't always get lucky to win (not a while lot). Or even get the prizes that I want. But the prizes that I did win, I really got excited and anxious to get them. Most are "new to me authors" which I'm always looking out for *hint hint*. And some are authors/books that I'm familiar with but either I had read their other works previously or never read them before. Below are the list of books that I currently won. Or have won long time ago, but just been sitting in my TBR piles. These are given to me all in different times,years and dates. Not all at once *grin*. If you click on the titles, you'll be able to see the cover arts and information about each books. Enjoy! And Happy TTs and I hope you have a great Thursday! :)

1. Edge of Danger by Cherry Adair
2. Bad Boys Ahoy! by Sylvia Day
3. The Matchmaker by Jamie Denton
4. The Man Behind the Mask by Christine Rimmer
5. A Highlander for Christmas by Sandy Blair
6. Forced Mate Rowena Cherry
7. Kill the Messenger Tami Hoag
8. My Enemy, My Love by Diane M. Wylie (no link)
9. Touch a Dark Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles
10. In the Bed of a Duke by Cathy Maxwell
11. Master of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp
12. Temptress by Lisa Jackson
13. Risk Everything by Sophia Johnson

Have you read any of these books? If so, what your thoughts on them? I would love to know. Maybe it'll push me to pick up the book and read it quicker :)

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Picturing of Life said...

You won lots of book :D

Will you visit mine :D Thanks

Hootin' Anni said...

I've not read any of them....but your #4 is close to Man in the IRON mask by Dumas. LOL, now I read that one.

If you haven't stopped by my T-13 yet, I have made thirteen new headers for everyone who wants them...just click on 'em and save 'em for yourself if you'd like!! Happy Thursday.

Melody said...

Julia, you're one lucky girl! I wish I've this kind of luck, LOL.

Great list of books. I only have Cherry Adair's book amongst the list.

Happy reading! ;)

Jubilee on Earth said...

Oooh, I haven't read any of those books, but I love getting books and reading new things. I can't believe I haven't found your blog before this (I'm eyeing your post below about female lead characters...) I'll have to bookmark and come back!


She Became a Butterfly said...

oooh! free books! i'm also trying to read 50!! i'm at 27 1/2!

please join my new book lovers message board! my friend and i just started it!!

marcia said...

Oh fun happy reading

Calliope said...

Nope. I haven't read any of those. Are there any that you would particularly recommend? I've won the 7th Harry Potter book in a contest before.

Happy TT!


Julia said...

Picture of life - It may seem lot of books, but it not ;)

Hootin' Anni - Man in the IRON mask, was that the one also made into movie? I saw it :)

Melody - It probably be the wrong time to see if we can read Cherry Adair's books together. I wait until your monthly challenge is over hehehe.

Jubilee on earth (Maria)- Do please read the In Death or Outlander. They are interesting books. Not just because of the heroine but the heroe too *grin*

She Became a Butterfly - I wish you good luck in reaching the 50 books! You can do it! :)

Marcia - Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back again :)

Calliope - I love the Harry Potter's books. Although I only managed to read book #4. One these days, I get back to the series. Well from the books I listed, they are books I have not read but heard about...except Sandy Blair books. If you into historical romance scottish men *grin*. But I do highly recommend you to read In Death series by JDRobb, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (yes it thick books but it worth it) and Suz Brockmann's Troubleshooter series (Navy SEALs books). These are the one that are favorite and is at the top of my head at the moments :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I hope you come back again. Have a good Thursday - and weekend ahead!


pussreboots said...

I am running a number of book giveaways on my site. Maybe you'll win something from me too. Happy TT.

Julia said...

Pussreboots - Ohhhh I'm heading over there in few...cross my fingers that I win something LOL. Thanks for head up :)

Kim L said...

Wow you have won a lot of books!!! I have not won any books in a contest, but I've got a few free ones from Pump Up Your Book Reviews and B&N. You must have some good luck Want to share some? :-)