Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No Regret by Shannon K Shannon

Shannon K Butcher's website
Romantic Suspense
5 stars

Shannon K. Butcher is wife of Jim Butcher. When I discover this, after friends had recommend her to me, I wasn't anxious to read No Regret right away. Since I have try Jim Butcher and find it not my cup of teas (although I tell myself I will go back and re-read his first book of Dresden file, in later times. After all, it's my moods sometime that cause me to not enjoy the books and I always give authors a second chance or maybe a third chance. The third time is a charms, right? *G*), I just figure I will read Shannon's book in later time too. But than two friends had read No Regret and "scolded" me to hurry and read it. So I did. And I want to THANKS them so much for their "Scolding" me *G*...I love the book!

Noelle Blanche, a smart and brilliant renowned cryptologist, refuse to help the military in a covert operation which she don't want to use for violence. And what worse, she is told to either accept a military grant or lose her job that she loved so much. But when a gunmen raid her home and she is threaten to be kill if she don't lead them to the weapons they wanted, Noelle knew it'll be her own hand if innocence get murdered. With help from ex Delta Force operative David Wolfe, she knew that she would be safe as long as she run for her life with him.

Ex Delta Force operative David Wolfe thought he had left the horrible past behind, but when he discover that one of the Swarm have arise and that there a mole in the CIA -- he knew he must protect the woman they had set their sights on and then kill the last alive terrorist organization called the Swarm before they could get to her. Because the Swarm had savagely murdered his wife, he want to prevent history from repeating itself. This time, he will kill them all, even if it mean it would cost his heart.

Along the way, their attraction for each other grew strong and together they fight for their life as well as trying to keep the Swarm away from getting to the deadly weapon.

No Regret is romantic suspense filled with action packed, adventure and great hot romance. It is intelligent written book with smart strong heroine. Just enough romance to make your heart melt and hot sexual intense attraction between characters. Page turner, interesting and refreshing. It keep me reading until the very end. I love the fact that not only is the hero is smart, but the heroine is strong, very smart and not TSTL kind. Shannon have written her to be more believable and interesting character. Something we don't see too often in heroine characters.

Shannon K Butcher is new voice of romantic suspense, one I going to keep a watch for in her next book(s)! I dare you to pick No Regret up! You won't regret it! It a must read :)

Shannon's Books
1. No Regret
2. No Control


Melody said...

Julia, Jim Butcher and his wife writes different genres so I don't understand why it takes you a long time to pick up her romance suspense (after all you're a huge fan of romance suspense), LOL! Anyway, glad you enjoyed reading it! :P

Kim L said...

Glad you had NO REGRETS about reading that book. Sounds like it was a good one :-)

Julia said...

Melody - Yes romance suspense is my favorite genres, and I knew that Shannon write different genres from Jim. I just think that if I read Shannon, than I would have to read Jim soon too. And I wasn't ready to read his book than. And I think it unfair to both if I read her book and not his book....you know how I am about being fair LOL Beside I think Darla gonna give me that evil stare if I don't read Jim *run and hide* hehehe

Hi Kim - Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back again soon! You should read No Regret if you into romance suspense :)

Darla said...

Oh, come on. I wasn't scolding you. LOL But I did know you'd like this book. :)

I don't think I have an evil stare. Just because I pimp Jim's books all the time doesn't mean I don't understand if it's not your genre. Honest. ;-)

Julia said...

*chuckle*, Darla - I was only just teasing you ;) Beside I love your "scolding" you give me high hope for good books all the times :)

Thank you (Melody too) for being my "scoldng cheerleader" when you were pimping Shannon K Butcher :)