Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition #42

My Favorite things: Start With "J's"

So last week, because I was stuck on letter "I" I decided to just describe what I think the "In Death series is all about. I thought it was an easy way out *grin*. Now, today I decided to continue with listing items that begin with the letter where I left off. I have listed 13 favorite items that start with the letter "J" this time. Hope you enjoy --- Happy Thursday Thirteen! Have a good day!

Jamie - My childhood best friend. I knew her when I was 4yrs old and she was 2yrs old. We've been in each other lives since.

Jonah - The son of Jamie's kid (same person above). I had him to thanks for because there was at one point we didn't speak to each other because of some misunderstanding. When Jonah was born, he brought me and Jamie back together as friend again.

JoAnn - Is Jamie's mom. Who is also consider as my 2nd mom. I grew up around her and her two kids (my two childhood best friend)while we live side by side houses. we always been "nextdoor neighbor". They are like 2nd family to me (of course beside my relatives that is *grin*)

Julia London - One of the contemporary romance writer that I read. She also write historical, which I also like. I love her Thrillseekers, Anonymous Book. I also love her Lear Family Trilogy Book. Tried her book, it good books :)

Julie Garwood - I LOVE her historical books and wish she would return and write more. She write very well historical and I think that is best in, imo.

Judith McNaught - Another author that I love, who was my very first romance book. I read Judith when she was writing historical books back then. I love all the one I've read. When she move to contemporary romance, I even love those too. I adore her can imagine her words written across the pages...beautifully.

"Jessie Girl" - Heard of Rick Springfield? He started out as soap opera for General Hospital before he became singer. Jessie Girl was popular song in 80's back then. And Rick was hottie! He still is today :)

Junior Mints - I love these mints candies. I buy them all the times, along with Rasinet candy too ;)

Judgement In Death - written by JDRobb aka Nora Roberts. This is part of an In Death series. Highly recommend you to read it :)

Jokes - It help sometime to wake up in morning to read jokes in the emails, just to make it through the day. It lighten up the moods when you have a bad days too. It make you smiles and even laugh. I love to read jokes *grin*.

Journey - They're a group from the 80's. I actually like Steve Perry and grown up listen to his songs. He had lot of songs that I really like: "Separate Way", "Don't Stop Believing", "Open Arms", "Sent Her My Love", "Faithfully", "Oh Sherrie",...etc. I use to sing on top of my lung along with the radio...I think I got my sisters deaf LOL! *Grin*.

"Jack and Diane" - A song from the 80's sung by John Cougar..for some reason I like this song. It might be the instruments sounding that I like about it. And of course the lyrics too - it reminded me of the old days.

Jewel of the Nile, The - This is the sequel movie to "Romancing the Stone" (I love this one too!) where Jack and Joan have their yacht and easy life, but suddenly get bored with each other and this way of life. Joan accepts an invitation to go to some middle eastern country as a guest of the sheik, but when she got there, she is abducted and finds herself involved with the "jewel". Jack decides to rescue her with his new partner Ralph. They all go from one adventure to another... Who can't not love this movie?! I love it! It had everything, romance, adventures, action and humors.

How about you? Are there a favorite items that you love?

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Melody said...

Great "J" list, Julia! You should've introduced yourself first since your letter starts with a "J" too, hehe... ;P

I'm amazed about the friendship you have with Jamie. Wow, that seems like such a long time! And I love Julie Garwood and Judith McNaught's historical romances too. :)

Pretty Life Online said...
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Picturing of Life said...

What an creative J post. And now you know me. I am Juliana :D

My T13 in here Thanks

Hootin' Anni said...

I love jokes too...not just in the morning...all day and into the night! laughter --it's a good thing.

And Romancing the Stone?! Loved that movie. Jewel of the Nile was good too, but not like Romancing...

My 13 is posted, come join me?
Happy Thursday.

Pretty Life Online said...

Happy TT! Great list here! mine's up too hope you can drop by.

Carol said...

Fun T-13! Some good ones in this list.

Alice Teh said...

J = Julia
(a beautiful equation. hehe)

I can't imagine a world without good jokes, Julia. A neat 'J' list you have there. :D

Denise Patrick said...

Great list. I love a lot of the same things you do, especially authors Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood. And, life would not be the same without Junior Mints - yum!!!

Happy TT!

Darla said...

A favorite that begins with J? Julia, obviously. :-) ***smooches***

I'm also fond of Julia London, Junior Mints, Judgment in Death, jokes, Journey, Jack & Diane, and The Jewel of the Nile.

Julia said...

Melody - *chuckle* I didn't want to put my name on the list, it weren't seem right when there are others good stuff to list hehe. But thanks for thinking of me *grin*'re sweet. My best friend Jamie ( and her sister, Alicia) have been in my life for so many years. Our friendship just lasted this long. And I love them like they are my sisters :)

Picture of Life - Hi Juliana, it nice to "met" you *grin*. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back here again :) Thanks for your kind comment :)

Hootin' Anni - Of course I love to read jokes anytime too, not just morning. I should have said that instead *grin*. I probably love Romance of the Stone more then I do with Jewel of the Niles, but then I like both movies :)

Pretty Life Online - Thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog. Hope you come here again! I will drop by your blog in few :)

Carol - Thanks for your comment! I thought they were pretty good too *grin*. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you come back again...

Alice - Awwwww thanks so much for saying about the equation part! You're sweet and wonderful friend. Me too, can't imagine a world without good jokes. I have to have good jokes every now and then to make it through the day.

Denise Patrick - So glad to hear that we have something in common. Which Judith McNaught's books and Julie Garwood books are your favorite?

Darla - awwwwwwwww you so SWEET and such a wonderful good friend! Thanks *smooches* :) I just realized we have lot of back history in common. Never knew that you like Journey too!!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Hope you come back again soon. Have a good Thursday!

Lisa Andel said...

oh, if I ever get tired of posting nekkid people you've given me a whole bunch of TT's I can do.