Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Edition # 46

My Favorite things: Start With "N's"

First I want to apology for the two weeks delay of not keeping update on my Thursday Thirteen list. At first I was stuck in making the list of favorite things starting with the letter "N", but then I got pretty busy too -- work and babysitting. Just no times to sit and do it in the afternoon like I used to. I get too tired and want to sleep. Then the Olympics started -- and for the last two weeks my eyes been focus on that. I can't promise that I be able to continue to post my Thursday Thirteen, but I will do the best I can when I'm able to post it. Thanks for being patient with me and continue to visit my blog! :)

1. Niece - One of the most important people in my life ~~ Trish and Heather. I may be hard on them, but I want them to have the best thing in life. All they have to do is do the best they can. And they know I love them very much :)

2. Nancy - She is my online friend who is very generous and kind heart. She is beautiful inside and out to me, no matter what she said (yeah Darla, you are too)

3. Nora Roberts - Of course, everyone know she is one of my favorite author. I would read her books no matter what genres it is. And even though there might be some least favorite, I still enjoy reading her :)

4. Naked in Death - The first book of Nora Roberts' In Death series. A very great futuristic, mystery/thriller romance series books.

5. "Nothing Fair in the Fifth Grade" - Written by Judy Blumes, one of my childhood favorite author when I was kid.

6. Nap - Yes I like to take it. Why not? It relaxing and give us more energy for later *grin*. It my favorite thing to do :)

7. Noodle (Ramen, Mama) - My mom usually buy a box of these noodle. The box had 50 bag of noodle inside. There is beef broth flavor or the chicken. Yum!

8. Nikita (character)- An fictional character from the old classic TV series "La Femme Nikita. A very suspense, action and romantic show. I finish watching all 5 season and love it!

9. New Orleans - I love to go to New Orleans and see many tourist attraction. French Quarter is a wonderful place to go to. And there is some market around too. Good place to go shopping. And see live musics entertainment there.

10. The Notebooks - Can I say WOW! It was an emotionally romantic and intense hot story I have ever seen. Made me sad and happy for the couple :) I've try reading the book, and while I do know that it kinda different from the movie -- I just couldn't finish the book. I'm going to retry it again in later times.

11. National Treasure - Really enjoy it. It was an action/adventure movie that keep you follow the along as the character searching for a treasure that they believe exists and hidden by the Founding Fathers of America, who have left clues of the treasure's location. Interesting!

12. "Nobody" - Sylvia sung this song in the 80's. I remember not understanding what the song meant but I knew the lyrics to the song. Being young, I didn't pay attention to what it was about. My childhood friends and I use to sing it while we were swinging in the swing set. Now that I'm older, I know what the song about. Funny how that work LOL!

13. "Nobody's Baby But Mine" - Susan Elizabeth Phillips wrote this book. It part of the Chicago Star series. I highly recommend reader to read it :)

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Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! So good to see you posting again! I hope you are well rested...

I like Nora Roberts too and it's all thanks to you for introducing her. :)

Oooo naps... sometimes I take them too. You have a good day ya *GRIN*

Melody said...

Glad to see your TT post, Julia! ;P

Of course I know you're going to name Nora Roberts as one of the list. ;)

Julia said...

Hey Alice - Sorry for the slow posting in my blog. Sometime I just get stuck and not know what else to post next teehehe. Your very welcome about Nora Roberts. I tend to recommend my favorite authors to readers/friends -- and Nora is the most I have done when I found out reader never heard of her *grin*...

Melody - Glad that you're happy to see my Thursday Thirteen LOL ! Sorry for the slow posting! Now if only I can get you to read MORE of Nora's books LOL....

Thanks you both for visiting and posting. Have a good day!

Luka & Ezri said...

Naps are wonderful things.