Thursday, September 11, 2008

50 TBR Challenge: August

Yes, I know am late in posting books that I have read - that was supposedly be post at the end of the month of August. So I'm just getting around to do it :)

Below, is the list of books I read in August(click each titles book to read my reviews). I've read two books in the month of August. But since January of 2008 I have read a totals of 41 books so far...YAY!

P.S. My good friend Darla is the one who came up with this 50 Challenge Book ideas to the group that we both members of. Please click her name (above) to see her book review :)

Click the book titles below, to read my reviews:

40. The Hollow by Nora Roberts

41. Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Alice Teh said...

YAY you, Julia! You're coming very close to your 50-book goal. :)

I've really enjoyed reading The Hollow with you!

Julia said...

Hi Alice, yep I'm getting closer to my 50 book! Thanks for being my supporter :) And I too have enjoy reading "The Hollow" with you too :)

I hope you are well and getting better from your illness soon!

Brenda ND said...

Wow, you go, girl. Reading is always good! And well, 50 books that's quite a lot. You'll have to tell us what your favorite one was/is when you finish.

Melody said...

Way to go, Julia!
Keep reading!!! :P

Julia said...

Thank Brenda and Melody! I let you know which my favorite once I reach the 50 book. I'm trying my best to keep on reading :)