Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bane Affair / At Risk
by Alison Kent

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Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: October 2004
ISBN-13: 9780758206688

Christian Bane, a spy and one of the Smithson Group's elite force as known as SG-5, were assigned to go undercover and pose as Spectra boss Peter Deacon to locate and retrieve kidnapped computer programmer deal between Bow and Spectra IT.

But Christian find it'll be bit tough posing as Peter Deacon, because going undercover mean he have to be a womanizing jerk, slick and a player as the way Peter is said to be. Which Christian is not. He tried to get information from Natasha, Wickham's goddaughter, who he believe is one of the suspect by getting cozy with her. But he didn't count on being attracted to Natasha Gaudet. And he didn't want to reveal too much about himself to her or else he will blow his cover.

But Christian is haunted by his past that leave him wounded. Betrayed by a woman and then left to die in a Thai prison make him feel angry but yet he shield a part of himself from letting people in his life. Not until he met Natasha.

Natasha, an personal assistant and goddaughter of the scientist Wickham is a woman who likes the finer things in life, expensive clothes, fast cars and hot men. When her godfather informs Natasha that she will be entertaining "Peter" to dinner, she was surprised. And wonder what Wickham is up to. When she met "Peter Deacon" she was fascinated by his Ferrari and his sexy, handsome self. But she didn't count herself to fall in love with him.

Christian is a torture wounded man and emotionally unattached. You just can't help but fall in love with him. I love reading torture or wounded heroes, whose find love at the end. And Natasha is a very likable heroine that you want to root for. There is one scene, where the h/h are in shower that I thought was a moving and powerful scenes that just made me feel for them, amazed and emotional to read. Not only because of the passion they shared but because Christian finally reveals a part of himself that he never shared before with anyone. I thought it was very passionate and it finally get two of them close together. There were other sexy scenes too. This book reminded me of the spy TV show Alias. One of the show I love but was sad to see it ended. You will met for the first time, the rest of the SG-5 men and their stories in later books.

The Bane Affair/ At Risk is an fast paced read with engaging writing. less suspenseful and action but plenty. Steamy and romantic that sizzle through the pages. Characters so sexy and chemistry that so electrifying hot and emotionally intense when they're together. Very exciting book! I love series books!

The Bane Affair was originally printed in trade paperback format by Kensington (Brava Book)publisher in October 2004. But I brought the Mass Market Paperback reissue, which is the Walmart exclusive reissue printed in June 2008. I don't think the Mass Market Paperback selling anywhere else except for at Walmart, and you had to run to get it once it's released before it taken off the shelve for other books within two weeks or when it's all sold out. So I'm not sure if the first two reissues are available at Walmart anymore.

Alison Kent write a series books about SG-5, an Smithson Group's operative elite force. There are 9 books in the series so far (two more are coming). The first 5 books are being reissues into mass market paperback for Walmart exclusive reissue only.

1. Bane Affair - Original titles (At Risk is reissue title)
2. The Shaughnessey Accord - Original titles (In Danger reissue title)
3. The Samms Agenda - Original titles (In Danger reissue titles)
4. The Beach Alibi - original titles (Deep Trouble reissue titles)
5. The McKenzie - Original title (Deep Trouble reissue title)

The reissue books of In Danger and Deep Trouble had a two stories in one book. Looking through each 3 reissue books: At Risk, In Danger and Deep Trouble , the pages are actually not long. So it doesn't take you long to read them. I'm not sure about the last 4 books. Hopefully they're reissues too. I only read Alison's Blaze books and they are awesome!

I hope it make sense to everyone. To make it plain simple, you can still get a copy of the original titles in trade size paperback. It still available at bookstores. And I recommend you to go buy it!

Grade: 4 1/2 stars


Alice Teh said...

Sounds like great stuff, Julia and more so when the heroine is a PA! Nice... LOL.

Julia said...

Thanks Alice, not sure if this be the book you would enjoy to read but I enjoy it :)