Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Tag: Seven Random Book Facts

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Alice from Hello, My Name Is Alice has tagged me.

Okay - I'm going to try to list 7 book facts about me, that I've never told before. More often, I've been repeating the same old things all the times. And am sure some of you already know. I have already share with you that:
- I've always been a reader since I was kid.
- My memory of the favorite books as kid was Harold and Purple Crayon.
- I was once rescue by fireman from fire in building, after being too caught up in my reading a book.
- I love reading series book.
- The school book fair, started my growing books buying and reading habit.

So, beside all the things from above (you've heard this often enough, right?), here are 7 Book Fact About Me (see below)

1. I don't read series book out of order. It drive me bananas if I do. I start with the first book and then go from there. If I brought a book and then realize later that it's part of an on going series, I don't read it until I get book #1 and read that one first, until I work up to get to *that* book.

2. When I chose to read Hardcover, I take off the cover arts flap from the book and then put the cover art in between the books that *IT* supposedly be sitting on my bookshelves by the publishing date it released. This way I don't get confuse where the book is supposed to be on my bookshelves and the book cover art don't get dirty or bend, while am reading the book.

3. I do not let people borrow my favorite books. BUT if they can be trusted, then I will allowed them borrow it. More often when I do let them borrow it, I give them the "Threaten Death" rules LOL! Thing like "If you return the books in bad condition, then your life is going to be put to death" LOL -- just kidding! If I trusted them enough, I know they won't do any harm to it. I do however, feel guilty when I don't lend people the books. So instead of lending them my books, I do offer to buy a copy for them from my used bookstores.

4. When walking in the bookstores, the first things I do is stop, breath in the smell of the bookstore fragrance. The smell of the coffee and books make me excited. I then walk to the bookshelves and *hugs* the books. This drive my niece Trish crazy LOL

5. Before I buy books, I would make sure the book that I have picked are in good condition(the cover, the top/bottom and side pages). If I see a tad bit of tear on the cover/pages of the paperback, I put that book back on the shelf and keep looking through all the books until I find the perfect one. You should see me at the book section of Walmart one times, I be standing there and I see Nora's THE HOLLOW book. There be 5 of THE HOLLOW books and I go through all 5 until I find the perfect condition book. I did same with Judith James's BROKEN WING too. I'm anal about that LOL! And get strange look from people standing next to me *grin*

6. I read Ann of Green Gables, in middle school for my class assignment. And got an A's on the book report. I loves the book so much that I read the rest of the series.

7. During the rest of my middle school days, I used to check out books and sit in the school library to read it while on a recess break.

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- Darla from Nichtszusagen
- Susan from West of Mars
- Marg from Reading Adventures
- Cmate from Mini Bites
- Kat from Strangely Out of Place
- Rae from Rae's Place
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Cmate said...

almost done...

Alice Teh said...

OMG Julia! I do that too i.e. going through all the copies to pick the one in best condition. LOL.

Thanks for sharing your book facts! I really enjoy them and definitely relate to some such as the one I just mentioned above, and not reading books out of order in a series. I did once and I was feeling like I should smack myself for doing that (although it was accidentally)

Have a great week ahead!

P/S: How are you liking TRIBUTE so far?

Melody said...

LOL. I know reading books out of order drive you bananas... unfortunately I belong to one of them, haha! ;P Actually, not that I do it intentionally because some times the books I pick and read happens to be one of the instalments. However, I do make an effort to look for the others if the book interests me enough. ;P

Julia said...

Cmate - thanks for playing! I enjoy reading your answers at your blog!

Alice - goodness, so glad am not alone with finding books in perfect shape before buying. Trish thought I was nut teehehe. Glad we both had common with books condition and reading in order :)

Melody - lol yes I know you are one of the reader who drove me bananas with readin books out of order haha. But of course I understand how one didn't know it's part of an series when the book you brought was the only installment available at the times.

Darla said...

Cool! You're the second person who tagged me with this one. I'll have to get busy. :)

Julia said...

Cool - then I can't wait to see what you come up with :)