Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmas Eve/Day

On Christmas Eve, we went to 7:30pm mass on a warm but chilly night. When we got there, the church was already filled with too many people. Because it was crowded I end up having to sit on the pull up chair, at the front of the pew. We watched kids do their Christmas play and then when that done, we started our mass. We got home at 10:30, and I went into my room to read for awhile No Place Like Home by Margaret Watson ( Harlequin SuperRomance), then check emails and blog hopped. At 11:00, I went next door neighbor to help her wrapped up gifts - a gifts that Santa Clause got for her boys *grin*. I took care of their Russian tortoise in the last 5 days until I was to bring it over to my friend's house on Christmas Eve, so that she can put it under tree - a present Santa Clause got them. It took us less times to finish up wrapping the gifts, because my friend have already wrapped most of the other gifts few days ago. But I stay back to have a chat. It must have been a good chat, because when I left to go home it was 2ish AM at midnight. I checked emails again and I must have been too exhausted because I woke up with a start from my seat LOL! I didn't go back to sleep until 5am. I had to wrap up the big surprise present for little brother. He have been driving me nuts about reminding me to get him Xbox game system. There were days, when I just want to give in and tell him that we already brought it for him. But it weren't be surprise if he knew to early, so I kept quiet. I put it under the tree when I was done wrapping it and then went to bed.

Didn't wake up until around 11 in the morning...I was too tired. I knew that little brother didn't open his present, because I strictly wrote a note on the present that he is to wake me up first before he open it. I want to take pictures, that why LOL ! When he did wake me up, he begin to open the present and was really excited. Of course the Xbox system came with two games "Kung Fu Panda" and "Indiana Jones". But he really wanted the Guitar Hero portable, too. And I told him he will get it after Christmas....maybe in New Year. Unfortunately on Dec 26, we went to the store and I decided to buy him the Guitar Hero then, because he just weren't be quiet about it. He kept asking about it and talking about it --- it drive me crazy! growl! LOL! Anyway --- back to where after he woke me up and he just finish opening all the gifts (including everyone else) on Christmas day, and after that we sat around for awhile. We call one of my sister from WA, to thanks her for the gifts she sent to the family. Later, I got on to check emails but didn't stay long because I'm suppose to be over at friend house - helping her cook dinner. I consider them as my family because I grew up with them. Every year, my friend (and her family) and I make plan to have dinner gathering with foods and exchanging gifts. What foods we served for Thanksgiving was also served on Christmas dinner. My friend have already started baking the Turkey around 9 that morning, so what left to do was green bean casserole, sweet potatoes (or sweet yam), cornbread dressing, cranberries sauce, rolls, a broth juices from Mr. Turkey to pour over 'gravy' rice, peas and apple pie (foods photo coming up!). We were done by around 3 but didn't get to eat until around 4. We were waiting for last person to show up before we start eating. Meanwhile, we sat down to chat for awhile until she arrived with her family. But we made sure the foods are still hot and not cool. Some that were already cool, we re-heated it to get it a little warm. When she finally arrived, we passed around the gifts and everyone open their and show it to everyone. The kids especially were too excited to open presents that they didn't whine about being hungry much anymore LOL! After all the gifts were open (photos of presents coming up soon!), we began to eat. OMG it was delicious! By the times I went for my second round of plate, I was ready to call it a quit. I stay a bit behind after everyone left, to help clean up and then watch "Wall-E" with my friend's kids. When I got home it was 10ish. I loaded all the photos into my computer before heading to bed. I passed out asleep and didn't wake up until 12pm the next day LOL!

Beside my wonderful childhood friends at home, I also would like to thanks for all the gifts and cards I received from all of my wonderful friends online, both blogger and Yahoo group email. You guys have been great friends to me and I appreciate the friendship. God bless you!


Alice Teh said...

Wow, Julia! Looks like you had a hectic but totally fun celebration! LOL.

Ooooh... Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones games. Me wants! Me wants!

I heeded your warning and read this post first. Now I'm going to see the one with photos in it!...

Julia said...

It was a very LONG, tiring but fun celebration. And while I sure miss the foods, am just so glad that dinner is done.

Little brother, while he does like the Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones game, he MORE invovled and addicted to Guitar Hero games *roll eyes* he play with it all day until 12 midnight that day lol

I'm glad you waited to read this post first before you devour into the foods photos LOL