Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Place Like Home by Margaret Watson

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Publisher: Harlequin
Pub. Date: December 2008
ISBN-13: 9780373782765
Sales Rank: 203,457

When Bree McInnes was pregnant, she left home to have her baby. And then twelve years later, she return home for only the summer. Hoping to keep low profile from anyone in hometown, she enrolled her smart twelve years old son, Charlie in college after she is hired to work for Professor Parker as his secretary. She tell herself she only risk working in college to get money to pay for the bills. Just only for awhile until she find second job. But things didn't work out that way. Charlie become friend with Professor Parker, who she end up fallen for. And now she wonder if there ever be a chance of relationship between them. After all Parker isn't looking for long term relationship or staying here forever. She afraid their relationship could be over before it even start.

Meanwhile, she try to avoid the chance of Charlie meeting his father, Ted Cross. He denied of being the father and been too caught up being selfish with his plan for the last twelve years, leaving Bree to care for their son on her own. When Ted discover his son existed, he want to met him but Bree put up a protective wall from Ted to keep him away from 'her' son. The son he denied of it existed twelve years ago.

Now Bree life have changed and she have to either accepted it or run away again. Maybe love isn't that simple, but loves have funny way to track her down.

I love the little twelve years old, Charlie. He seem to be the someone you can easily understand his wanting to belong, wanting to be like everyone else and have people to like him for who he is -- not because he smart. And even though he argue with his mom a lot - you can tell their love are special. Just the same way a mother love their children and do anything to protect them. I have to admit sometime Bree can be too over protective - it drive me nuts. I love his interaction with Parker. Charlie was comfortable being around Parker, because he understood Charlie feeling and like the fact that he could talk to Parker about anything -- like man to man. There is romance but I felt that the main focus were about Charlie. We know that Bree and Parker has deep attraction and feeling for each other but there I felt there are few scenes but barely much 'showing'. But sometime I want to knock both of their head for over reacting without thinking.

And even though there were little of what we knew about Bree sisters, I like that they protect each others. We knew a little about their background, but it was written enough to understand their reason to hate their dead father who don't love them but always kept them in public spotlight to his advantages.

No Place Like Home was enjoyable read, about letting go of the past and find love again. It had it sweet and funny moments too. It light romance that made you sigh. Read it, I think you'll enjoy it :)

Grade: B


This book mark the 49th book I read for the 50 Challenge Book! I just need to read one more books before December 31 hit! Can I make it in 3 days?!?!


Alice Teh said...

This one sounds like a good read. I like family-oriented stories.

I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Good luck to you and may you finish your 50th book in good time!

P/S: I'm having doubts with mine. Definitely can't finish three chunsters in 2 days... :(

Melody said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Julia! You know, I've never read anything by Harlequin Super Romance, so I'm always open for recommendations! ;)

Like Alice said, I'm sure you'll be able to complete your 50 Books Challenge! Good luck! :)

Julia said...

Melody & Alice - I love family oriented stories too (probably one of the reason why I love Nora Roberts books *grin*. But I think you both may like readin this book

Thanks for the courage of reaching th3 50th book...3 more yucky days before end of December LOL