Friday, December 19, 2008

Second - Chance Family by Karina Bliss

Publisher: Harlequin
Pub. Date: November 2008
ISBN-13: 9780373782697
Sales Rank: 266,751

Here Blurb:

Just when he has accepted that he'll never be a father, Jack Galloway inherits not one, but three kids. Then he gets the knockout punch.

He's supposed to raise this family with his ex!

And his ex-wife, Rosalind, has her own ideas about parenting. She's already doling out domestic duties, as if he had all the time in the world away from his office. She's also got some crazy notion that, thanks to their unexpected "family", the two of them have been handed a second chance. As if he'll let his heart get broken again.

But the real knockout punch? That part of him that thinks he and Rosalind could fall back in love.

End of Blurb

~~ I really enjoy reading the book. At first, at the beginning I dislike Jack because of his attitude toward the kids after he learn that upon his brother and sister in law death, he is to be a guardians to their 3 kids. But as I kept reading, I understood why he became the way he is. And the emotion that come with it was heartwarming. After he moved in with them and his ex-wife, he began to get more closer to the kids and even care about them. He realized that each children mourn the loss of their parents in different way, and even 'see' how much similar they are to his brother. The kids reaction to their parent death was .... I love how he interacted with all three kids, especially with three year old Cassie and six years old Liam. You can really tell he tried to be the "good" uncle to them. But just not know how to be the guardian his brother want him to be. And then there is ex-wife Roz, who he still try to forget. After his divorce - he kept to himself buried with work to avoid his heart fail again.

~~ I also like Roz, who want to step up and be a guardians to the kids. Even though she never experience being the mom, she just knew the kids is meant to stay with her. Her main focus was on them. She soon realized it wasn't easy to at first, but soon grow too intact with the kids. She want to get Jack involved with the kids life so that he would be willing to have the kids stay and live with them instead of living with their aunt Fee in England. And her loves for her ex-husband, Jack have never stopped. But she is just afraid to tell him in fear he doesn't feel the same.

~~ I fell in love with each kids, even when they grief or acted out in a way kids does when they are mourning. You can feel the emotions that goes through them as you read scenes that break your heart. You get to see point of view between the two main characters as well with the little six years old Liam.

Second Chance Family is about grief, heartwarming, emotional and family. There is romance but the story focus more on the kids and the involvement of two guardians. Also figuring out what the best interested for the kids. It about getting a second chance to have a family again.

Grade: A


Alice Teh said...

First thing first... that's a beautiful photo of you and your niece with the Christmas tree! Love it!

I think the book sounds good and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I think I might want to get it too. :)

Julia said...

Thanks for your comment on the photo :) I turn the photo into a Christmas Greeting card this year :)

I think you will enjoy the book, Alice. If you ever get it, let me know what you think :)

Kailana said...

Howdy! You have a Christmas Spirit Award waiting for you at my blog...