Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A New Attitude by Charlotte Hughes
TBR Challenge for January

TBR Challenge for January
Read a book with an unusual font on the cover. Please post a link to a picture of the cover to demonstrate.

Examples from Darla shelves:
The Crime at Black Dudley by Margery Allingham
Match Game by Beverly Brandt
Unpredictable by Eileen Cook

Let us know what you read, what you thought about it, and how long it had been in your TBR pile.


I chose A New Attitude by Charlotte Hughes. Because the cover has a shoe and box on it. I had this not too long, maybe last year. I think I pick this book off the shelve because I read the back blurb and inside the first page that the book will be funny. Every now and then I like to read a laugh out loud books. The first book cover happen to be the reprint cover. And that is the book that I got. But the original book cover was this one click here. Read my thoughts below......

Back Blurb:

Marilee Abernathy's life is a mess. Everyone in Chickpea, South Carolina, knows about her husband's affair with the town floozy. But when her dignified farewell-complete with pearls and impeccably applied Mary Kay cosmetic-turn into a spectacularly unsuccessful attempt to hand herself from a fake ceiling beam, Marilee figures there has to be a better way to cope.

Marilee needs a new attitude-at least, that's what her neighbor Sam Brewer thinks. Between his demanding mother and his crazy ex-wife, though, the last thing he wants is another woman whose life is out of control. But Marilee's learning on her own that a little attitude can go a long way-suddenly she's taking charge and taking chances she'd never imagined. And watching her blossom reminds Sam of some long-forgotten dreams of his own. Now he's just got to convince her to turn some of that attitude his way.....


At first I wasn't sure if I'm going to like this book because of the background history of the main heroine and what happen to her at the beginning of the chapters. But then as I kept on reading, not only did she grew on me, but all the other characters did too. I thought they were "family", even though they are friends. And part of me feel like they were my family too. From the first time I was introduced to each characters until I learn lot about them. I love that they were there for each other and very supportive. They're generous with their neighbor and was given a second chance to redeem themselves. But even though I do enjoy the book, I did cringed sometime in part because of religious background of one character.

Sam was the next door neighbor who fell in love with Marilee when they were in high school but just never had the gut to ask her out, since she was dating one of the most popular football player, Grady. When she got married to Grady, after graduation, Sam had to look after his mother when his dad died. Later he moved away from home and got married. But he came back to Chickpea, South Carolina when his grandmother tell him that she might go blind and lost her memory. Afraid she won't be able to take care of herself, he moved in with her. Seeing Marilee again stirred up old memories and new loves.

The attracting between them are there but the relationship development were sorta slow, IMO. It took a while - a long pages - until you actually see them "get to it". And even though it slow, it still interesting to watch them interacted and fall in love.

There were some scenes that happen that I didn't think have anything to do with the story. So everything bad that happen, got solved very quickly and it make me think..."uh"? But then it made me came to conclusion that maybe that scenes was used in there was to teach all 3 characters a lesson for their personal problem...*shrug*.

A New Attitude is about starting over, renew yourself and second chance. It's fresh, fun and charming. You will laugh at some and then be sad the next. You will love the friendship that these women have for each others, a well - meaning of being family too. You will like them! I know I did!

It enjoyable read, and I like it. I think you will like it too :)

Grade: 4/12 stars


Melody said...

Hmm... not sure if this is my kind of read but I thought the cover is pretty! ;)

Julia said...

Melody - I honestly think that you will like this book much more better than "See Jane Score". This book was more of friendship then just love interested between heroes/heroine imo. It like friends are part of your family..kinda things. They been there for each other through good and the bad :)

Alice Teh said...

That's a pretty book cover, Julia! Very sweet. The story sounds good as well.

Julia said...

It was a sweet but fun book, Alice. Give it a try!