Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday Birthday Dinner
Nora Roberts' TV movie

On March 16 happen to be my little brother, Mike 33rd birthday. And than my friend who have always been my 2nd "mom", birthday was on March 19. I grew up with her two daughters since I was 5 years old. And they happen to be my childhood best friend.

So on Saturday March 21, her two daughters and I decided to have a "Birthday Dinner" to celebrate both of their birthday at same times. My friend made some cabbages roll with both pork and beef mixed together inside. And she "bath" them in with red tomatoes sauces. We also had some spinach salad with tomatoes - choice of dressing was either Ranch or Olive Oils veggie. And for the birthday cake, we had a Strawberry Swirl Cheese Cake (picture above). Everything was very very gooooooood! I wish that I thought about taking pictures of the cabbages roll but I was too busy devouring it that I forgotten to LOL! I guess you just have to take my words for it ;)

But let rewind to what happen earlier this morning/afternoon before the "Birthday Dinner" that evening....we went to the grocery store to buy foods. And plus I had to get two bags of chips with dip (for the party), Strawberry Swirl Cheese Cake and a gift for my "mom" birthday. I did browse around the book shelf to see if there any new books that I might want to get. But there were none that I didn't already have. I did saw Lisa Jackson LOST SOULS, but decided not to buy it. Figure I will wait. I know there will be a new upcoming release soon, but that won't be until in April. So I left the store with no book, sad isn't it? I guess I should be happy that I did brought too many books in the last two weeks ago and that I should be relief that I didn't buy any that Saturday to add more into my TBR piles. But I'm not LOL! There is never too many books in TBR pile, the more the merrier --- and yes I am scared LOL! Maybe in the next few weeks, there be some books to buy :)

So I went home empty hand of books but full of grocery bag. After putting the stuff away, I sat down to read a few Chapters from 10-11 of Tangled Lies by Anne Stuart for an hour before I head over to my friend's house for "Birthday Dinner". I am joint reading Tangled Lies together with my dearest friend Melody and Alice. I have just one more Chapter to read on Sunday (USA times), so I hope to be finish by than so we can go on to the next 3 (or more) chapters.

Anyway...the "Birthday Dinner" turn out great and I had great times talking to my friends. It always fun to talk about our past, old times and fun things we did when we were kids. Lot of laugh and love goes along with it :)

And I came home and missed the premiere TV movie of Nora Roberts' Northern Light on Lifetime Channel the first time. Lucky they shown a rerun on the movie twice. And I watched it, but I am sorry to say I was sooo disappointed in the movie! But I wasn't surprise and didn't expect anything else. I knew I weren't like it. I did however enjoy few things. Next Saturday Lifetime will premiere another of Nora Robert' TV movie, which is Midnight Bayou. And this book happen to be one of my favorite book of Nora. I just HOPE I won't be disappointed with this one (and the next two other movies coming after this one)! But I'm not gonna expect anything. I THANK GOD, that the TV movie for JDRObb's book were cancel!

I hope everyone have a good rest of the weekend!


Melody said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your brother and your friend! I'm glad you all had a wonderful celebration! The food sounds yummy!!! :D

Julia said...

Thanks Melody! I pass your wish to them :) It was a wonderful times, and I love every moment of it -- especially when the foods were making me hungry when we starting at it, waiting for the cooking to be done LOL

Alice Teh said...

Happy belated birthday to your brother and friend! He is a year older than I am. Hehe...

Julia said...

Thanks Alice, I'm sure he and my friend will appreciated it :)

Be glad that you are younger LOL