Sunday, May 24, 2009

Books and Memorial Weekend!

So I went grocery shopping Friday instead of my usual Saturday. This is because we had other plan to do on Saturday, which will keep us busy and no times to grocery shop. And than I'm attending an engagement party of my cousin, on Sunday. And will be there all day. I think it would be the usual tradition, where the groom to be and his family come to the bride to be home and bring gifts (jewelry, teas, fruits, whine..etc) to the bride and her family. And we be eating some early brunch.

So when we went shopping on Friday, I walk directly to the bookshelves. There wasn't much of anything new, that I've not buy yet. At least not any authors I'm familiar with. Or I haven't heard anyone raves about, recommend it or words of the mouth about it. However, I did find Toni Blake's One Reckless Summer and pick up a copy. I was surprise to see it on the shelf already because it wasn't supposed to be out until May 26 (says the online bookstores). I did got confuse for minute because at Toni Blake's website, the released date for this books says June 26. I don't think I ever read books by Toni Blake before, but I've heard good thing about her books by my friends. I also pick up a reissue copy of Susan Andersen's Hot and Bothered in paperback. I believe a characters from this book also has their story in the later book Coming Undone from the Marine series. Please correct me if I'm wrong :) This also be the first time I read book by Susan Andersen too. Hopefully I will enjoy both books as much as do enjoy the front cover arts of these books. I can't wait to dive into it this summer :)

Tomorrow at 9AM in the morning (since it is 1:08AM here in US, as I'm typing this), we heading out of town to attend my cousin's engagement party (I mention this above this post) and at same time celebrating Memorial weekend of fun. It doesn't start until 10Am but it is 1 hour and almost 30 minute drive to get there. We'll be home that same day, since my dad have to work on Memorial Day. Can't wait to eat all the yummy foods available there! :)

How are you celebrating Memorial Day?

I wish everyone a Happy Memorial weekend/day. I hope you have fun celebrating no matter where you are :)


Melody said...

I'm glad you bought some books over the weekend, Julia! I think I've read one or two books by Toni Blake, just couldn't remember the titles! As for Susan Andersen, I've heard of her name though I haven't have the chance of reading her books yet! I hope you'll enjoy them!

Your weekend sounds busy yet fun! :D

Julia said...

Yes, I do recall you reading one of Toni Blake's book. I believe it was SWEPT AWAY or something like that. it's now available in paperback. I'm hoping that ONE RECKLESS SUMMER will be a good summer book. I'm going to try to read lot of books this summer to make up for the slower months I've for long while now :) I should let you know about Susan Andersen, once am done reading the book. She is new to me author, although I have heard about her from people :)

The weekend was fun, but exhausting and tiresome! ;)