Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day !!!!

I want to wish every mothers a Happy Mother's Day! May your day be loves, fun, joyful and good memories this year.

My sweet darling niece, Trish brought a boutique of flower for my mom on Friday. There is a florist shop downstairs of the building where my mother work at. Trish call them and order the flower and they brought it upstairs to deliver it to mom. You can see a photo of the boutique of flower, above. Isn't it pretty! :)

Our plan for Mother's Day was to have crawfish boil, served by our priest, in the church yard after mass. However the priest decided to change the schedule to next week instead. Not sure why - but I was disappointed because I crave for some crawfish boils. Every years, we have crawfish boiled to celebrate Mother's Day at our church. They also sale some beautiful dozen of red roses, for anyone who want to buy them for theirs mom for less prices. But I already brought my mom three pots of flowers that bloom all years around, earlier today. She loves flowers,so she will be happy with any kind and colors we buy for her. She have many flowers planted around our front and back yards. I think she gonna love the set of flowers I brought her :)

I am hoping to take mom to eat at King Buffet restaurant with the whole family, during lunch hours tomorrow. It one of our family favorite place to go out to eat and celebrates on special occasion. I think she would love the idea ;)

And than, my best friends invited me over to their house for some BBQing to celebrate with their mom afterward. Their mom is like a "second mom" to me. I grew around them when I was 5 years old. We going to have hamburger, hot dogs, chicken and smoked sausages. I'm bringing a chocolate truffle cake for dessert, a pack can of drinks, chips and dip. Doesn't that sound good?! *grin* Tomorrow will be a busy day! *grin*

How are you celebrating Mother's Day? What your plan?

I hope everyone Mother's Day will be as special and fun as mine! Have a safe trips! :)


Melody said...

Sounds lots of fun, Julia! Those flowers are beautiful!!! :)

So did you go book shopping or even catch a movie over the weekend? :P

Julia said...

Thanks for your comments about the flowers, Melody! Trish so sweet!

Well, because I was shopping for Mother's Day stuff (foods and gifts) I wasn't able to buy any books this weekend. I didn't go see movie either -- and darn it all, I want to see Hugh Jackman!!! ;)

I hope your weekend was great one! :)

Melody said...

I totally understand, Julia! Mother's Day comes first!! :)

I hope you'll be able to watch the movie soon!!! Yeah, Hugh Jackman is hot! :D

Julia said...

Of course, our mom come first :)

Yeah, hearing your excitment about Hugh Jackman's movie -- make me excited too. I want to see him now lol :)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia! That's a beautiful bouquet of flowers! And the BBQ sounds fabulous. I am dreaming of a BBQ... LOL

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Julia said...

Thanks Alice for your comment :)

The flowers were so sweet wasn't it?! :) And yepthe BBQ foods were so YUMMY! Comon on over if you are dreaming of BBQ...we can't just
let you dream forever! *grin*

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you too!