Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Books weekend shop

I just came back from shopping today. It felt like 84 degree outside and the wind was blowing, bless-fully wonderful. I worn my dress top with flip flop and the sun were making me sweat. But I just love that it get hotter than the cold that have been hitting us left and right in last few months. You shouldn't have seen me, I twirl around with my arm straight out and my head up just smiling at the sun *the theme song to "Sound of the Music" play* can you hear that song? I sure can! *grin*. And if you're asking...yep. I did get some strange look from strangers LOL!

I enter the grocery store and was getting very excited because, not only am I shopping for foods but I'm also book shop *grin*. I ran to the aisle of the books section and my eyes lighten up as I saw many new books on the shelves! I would've easily do a Snoopy dance, but I didn't want to get another strange look, like I did earlier *LOL*.

To see the book covers from each books, just click the titles. To see the author's website, just click their names.

First thing I saw was Vision in White by Nora Roberts. The cover were really beautiful and you can pull out the front and the back flaps of the cover. The pages were made to look like an old papers or more like a diary/journal books. And yes, it is released in trade size paperback format. This is book one in THE BRIDE QUARTET

Than I saw Burning Wild by Christine Feehan, the next installment to her paranormal Leopard book! I waited for a darn good many years for this book to release and I'm just too happy now that I got it. But who would have ever thought the book can be so thick?! It's 443 pages long! I can't wait to dive into it *grin*.

Next, I saw Hotshot by Catherine Mann. I think this is her second installment to her A Dark Ops book. I didn't expect this book to come out so soon because I recently just got the first book Defender since it did released in April. I guess these books come out for only 3 months? Either way, I got a copy!

I notice Burning Alive by Shannon K Butcher, and it's book one of THE SENTINEL WARS book. I never realized she writing something different. But I know this isn't romantic suspense genre, which I love her work on that one. It's a paranormal book, and I hope it as good as her romantic suspense are. The back blurb of the book seem interesting.

I also picked up Under Fire by Jo Davis. I read the first contemporary book of her firefighter, Trial by Fire and enjoy it. I'm excited to finally get the second book. And hope it be as good. The fun of this book is that we may see another *ahem* big moments *LOL*

And lastly, I got Death Angel by Linda Howard (no website). It was first released in hardcover. I didn't get it at the time because lately Howard have been a hit or miss it for me. So I waited until today to get it in paperback. It just seem that a lot more peeps enjoy this book. I hope I be one of them :)

So I brought 6 books! That was fun! The good thing about shopping today is that I saw my best friend with her kids. They were grocery shopping too. And we chat for awhile before we move on and paid for our purchased. Then we came home and the first thing I did was tweets my peeps *grin*. Then I came up here to blog :)

I wish everyone to have a good rest of the Saturday evening and Sunday weekend :)


Alice Teh said...

Oh oh oh!!! You've bought NR's book! I'm still waiting for mine to arrive from Acmabooks. Hehe...

Enjoy all your new books, Julia!

Julia said...

Yep, I sure did brought NR's book! The cover look really beautiful :) And I can't wait 'til you get your copy and we joint-read this together ---- whenever you are ready to, that is :)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy your new books too :)

Melody said...

Yay about the new books, Julia! :D

Isn't NR's new book lovely? I love the cover so much!! And I'm glad you have Burning Wild and Death Angel as well! Guess what, I'm currently reading the latter now! ;P

Julia said...

Yes the cover of NR's so lovely! And from what I heard, I'm glad you are enjoying Linda Howard's DEATH ANGEL. I'm looking forward to your review on it! ;)