Monday, June 01, 2009

50 Books Challenge: May 2009

This month I only managed to read two books. But that okay for me. One of the thing I love about reading is just be able to sit, relax and get into the stories. The more I take my times reading each books, the more enjoyable it'll be. If I rush it or just skip, I'm going to miss something good, that is if the chapters/pages have not been drawn out too long.

Below, is the book I read in May. Since in May, I have read 2 books. But a total of my reading so far from the first 5 months is 22 books! I know, that some of you may consider the anthologies book to be grade as one book. But the Yahoo Group that I joined, have decided to split each stories in any anthologies as separate grade. That is, if the participat-er who participate in the 50 Challenge Books want to do it that way *grin*.

P.S. My dear good friend Darla is the one who came up with this 50 Challenge Book ideas to the group that we both members of. Please click her name (above) to see her book review at her blog (or search archive) :)

(click each titles, below, to read my reviews)

19. Dark and Dangerous by Jeanne Adams 4 1/2 stars
- Hot Summer Night by LuAnn McLane (3 stories)
20. Hot August Night – 4 1/2 stars
21. Heat Wave – 4 stars
22. Hot Shot – 4 1/2 stars


Melody said...

I agree there's no point in rushing a book, after all we're not reading for marathon, LOL.

Let's hope this month will be a better reading month for us all! :D

Julia said...

Exactly! The more slower we read the more enjoyable it'll be. And when I said slow, I don't mean turtle slow *grin*. It not marathon *LOL*

I hope my reading get better for this month too, thanks! I hope the same for you :)

Alice Teh said...

Reading shouldn't be rushed and is never meant to be rushed. Enjoy them at your pace, Julia. :D

Julia said...

Alice - you right, it meant to be not rushed. Have to remind myself that everytime I try to meet the 50 Books Challenge :)

Happy Reading to you!