Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer Reading

Unfortunately, I didn't buy books this weekend. There wasn't a book that I'm excited to get that were sitting on shelves at the stores. I was hoping to see the first book of C.L Wilson series book, since few of my friends raved about the series. I going to have to order it online instead. And maybe next week, will be better books on shelves. I guess I'm sorta waiting for the end of the very last week of June and for the month of July to start. There are lot of books releasing around that times.

It has been a hot weekend, 90 degree! So you can imagine the sweat we got, when we step outside for just 5 minute. But that is expected in this kind of weather heat like this over here. Summer is here and school is out for the kids. Now it time to be with family and have fun! Or go vacation to relax in the hot sun, grab a cold drink and read :) Well....that is my dream vacation, anyway ;)

Now that summer is here, you will be expecting me to read lot of books. Well...I hope I be able to read more. I will try to find books with summer/beach themes. And if there not many in my TBR pile, I would just do with whatever I do have.

I thought about maybe starting the summer read with One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake. Since it's newest book. And the heroine return to her hometown of Destiny, Ohio to the lakeshore cottage for the summer. I also thought about adding in Crash Into Me by Jill Sorenson because since the hero is a famous surfer. And also adding Hot and Bothered by Susan Andersen because the heroine took a vacation and had a fling. Yes, this is re-issue. That why its has a new cover art. And of course I'll add in other romance suspense in between them ;) Now I just need to stick with my reading plan --- can I do it? *grin*

But, I'm still reading No Control by Shannon K Butcher. And it is really a awesome read! I love the hero in this book. It's the book #2 and was published in 2008. I hope to finish this book sooner, so that I can start on my summer read. Wish me luck!

How about you? Any summer read that you like to share with me? I do need more recommend books, so I would love to hear from you :)

Happy Summer Reading Everyone!


Melody said...

Aww...I was hoping you'd get some books this week, Julia! ;)

Summer reading is always nice! (a book + iced tea, yum!) Since it's always summer over here, I do hope for some rainy days at times so I can snuggle under a duvet and read, while listening to the soft paddling of rain hitting the window panes...

Julia said...

*LOL* Melody - You probably know my weekend habit by now *grin*. I hope to buy books next week. Otherwise I'll wait until the very last week of June and beginning of July - since lot of books I want are releasing close to those two months.

Summer reading are always relaxing and pleasant. Can't wait to start reading more books. And for you, I hope the rain give you comfort while reading on raining day *grin*

Maybe the new Anne Stuart book will be our joint-reading summer read ;)

Alice Teh said...

Buying books is a VERY good habit, Julia! LOL!

I can't wait to joint-read the new Anne Stuart book with you and Melody! That makes a wonderful summer read. :D

Darla said...

Just hop on a plane, Julia, and you can browse my library--I'm sure you could find SOMETHING here to read. LOL

Yay! you're reading No Control! I thought you'd like it. It's so cool that they're good books, because Shannon is SUCH a nice person.

Julia said...

Alice - So, I guess its official that we are reading Anne Stuart's SILVER FALL on Monday (Sunday my time- US)! It should be fun :)

Darla - Hey, you know I would catch that plane just to reach your library, don'tcha? ;) I help you out by reading your books for you *LOL* ! NO CONTROL is awesome book! I'm surprise how good Shannon is with her romance suspense. Please do tell her I say just that! *grin*. I've already read NO REGRETS, which was recommend by you first - Thanks! :)