Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Circle of Friends Award

Just a few days ago, I received The Circle of Friends Award from Alice of Hello, My Name Is Alice blog. Thanks Alice, you've been a blessing to blog hop into my life and became one of my earliest friend as well as my "sister" too. I appreciated all that you do and the friendship you given me :) So, I dedicated this award back to you, Alice *HUGS*!

I dedicated this award to Darla of Nichtszusagen is one of my very first friend, not only at blog but in Yahoo Group reading. I thanks and appreciated her for being my friends for over 6+ years. She is always there when I needed help no matter what it is. And never get upset when I need to rant *LOL*. I love to learn about her loving family and have enjoy seeing the many photos she share with us. Her friendship is important to me and I will cherish it always :) Even though she does not update her blog as quickly, I still visit her blog on a daily basic.

And I also dedicated this award to my Melody of Melody's Reading Corner, who also one of my earliest friend. I really appreciated the friendship she given me over the last few years we've been together. I also appreciated her for putting up with me and my whining as well. She is as close as being my real "sister" as can be :) Thank you!

And lastly I dedicated this award to all of you who visit my blog and lurked. You know who you are *grin*. Even if you don't post a comment, I thank you for visiting me and friendship that you stay :)

I wish everyone good day!


Melody said...

Congrats on the award, Julia! Alice is so sweet to pass this award to us, isn't she? :D

Long live to our friendship (including Alice's)! :)

Julia said...

It sure is to have blessing friend like Alice in our lives :) And I thanks for you putting up with me too ;)