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Edge of Midnight by Shannon McKenna

I actually read this book in July 9th of 2009, but just never gotten around to finish writing my draft review for the book until now. Sorry for the late delay. There be more pending books reviews I need to post soon! Look for it, soon! :)

Shannon McKenna website
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: August 2007
ISBN-13: 9780758211859
Sales Rank: 15,672


The breaking point....

On the very day an arsonist burns down Liv's bookstore in a small town in the Washington mountains, she finds fate has another shock in store for her. Amid the smoke, rubble and tears, Sean McCloud appears, calling her name. He's every inch the man he always was-the man she kept on wanting. But wanting is not the same as trusting, and she doesn't dare let him get too close. Yet a ruthless killer is gunning for Liv, and she'll die unless they join forces to unearth a chilling truth-and come together in a blaze of searing passion...

End Blurb

Sean went to see Liv when he discover that she is once again a target of the killer, who had strike again. The last time he saw her, he told her that he didn't had feeling for her and that he was playing game with her. Which made her run home and leave town with her family. Just the way he have wanted her to do. Upon seeing her again after [insert the years], Liv's bookstore had burn down and he is there to make sure she is okay. But seeing her again, brought back memories that he soon want to forget...and it also made him wanting to get closer to her even more. All those many years, while they were apart, he never stop thinking about her. But Liv was set on to get away from him, 'cause she knew he didn't want lease, that what he tell her back than. And she didn't want to end up hurt again. But someone is trying to kill her and only Sean can protect her from it. Those clue that was left by his twin brother, Kevin was never solved after he died. As they slowly resolve it one step at a time, danger start to arise..wanting them dead before their secret is out.

Meanwhile, Miles is online using chat room to try to get the predator to come out who have been targeting people who are nerd-smart. But the progress slowly bring him closer to drawn the predator out of his hiding place. But he also has a problem of his own too, young Cindy who seem to never leave him alone and is hungry for his attention. And as much as his feeling toward Cindy is there, he couldn't risk letting her know.

With the help from McCloud brothers and their friends, they set on trying to catch not only the predator but solving the mystery death of their brother, Kevin as well. And protecting their women. Once everyone come together the mystery is discover...

I think I like Liv, because she wasn't the slim type of woman that we are used to reading in a book. And even though she worry about her weight, Sean is attracted to her the way she is. It was a nice change and refreshing for me. Liv is strong person who become weak when she around Sean. But yet she not TSTL either.

The interaction and dialogue between Cindy and Miles was bit difficult, and emotional. But the feeling seem so real. They are two young couple who had their up and down. I admit sometime Cindy drive me bananas, because she does something stupid. But the way Mile put up with it and reacted toward her also make me nuts! Make me want to knock their head together to get some sense out of each other steam. I do want to read more about them and hope that we see them again in near future book(s).

I love Shannon McKenna's book and the McCloud Brother series are my favorite. McKenna's stories are always plenty erotic and steamy hot. And it just doesn't only focus on the love scenes but there are plot and story too, which I like. The book was characters driven and likable. You met up with previous characters too, which I also love. I love to see recurring characters sometime, just to see what they've been up to :) Grab this book, you will enjoy it. I'm looking forward to reading the next book installment, Tasting Fear, soon!!!

Grade: 4 1/2 stars

McCloud books series

1. Behind Closed Door
2. Standing In the Shadow
3. Out of Control
4. Hot Night
5. Edge of Midnight
6. Extreme Danger
7. Ultimate Weapon
8. Tasting Tear


Melody said...

I haven't read Shannon's books for a while... but I enjoyed her books. I'm glad you enjoyed this book. I'm trying my best to catch up on the romance genre, it's been a while since I've read them! :P

Julia said...

Hey Melody - Reading Shannon's books is never dull for me. I enjoy every moments of it, when it not just all about *ahem* and have plenty of action and plot in them. I'm sure eventually that you will catch up on the romance genres when you are not busy reading Fiction, vamps and fictions *LOL*

Happy Reading!