Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I wish everyone a spooky but fun, safe HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Later I'm going over to my friend house to eat some Pumpkin Bread, she is baking tonight. I have eaten it before and LOVE it! It's so goooood. Maybe I'll take picture of the Pumpkin Bread here later *grin*. Also I be taking pictures of my friend's kids in their costumes too, well I hope to before they head to another part of the town so their kids can go Trick or Treating. Where I live, there just not too many people passing out candies anymore. Sad I know. Although I'll be watching movies while I pass out candies tonight 'cause I love to see kids in their costumes! Well have FUN! And be safe! :)

P.S. I did brought books this weekend, but will post it later :)


As promise, I said I would post the Pumpkin Bread that my friend baked today. And here it is...isn't it delicious!? Click pictures to view it larger. Also, my camera died and need recharged. So with friends permission, I will try to post pictures of kids in their costumes from their camera, another time. :)


Melody said...

Happy Halloween, Julia! Hope you all had a great holiday!

I'll "see" ya tomorrow! :P

Julia said...

Melody - Thanks and back at ya! It was fun seeing kids costumes! And I hope you able to see the yummy Pumpkin bread ;)

Alice Teh said...

Happy Halloween, Julia! I was mountain climbing on that day. LOL!

Julia said...

Alice - Happy Belated Halloween to you too! I hope you had fun during your mountain climbing! I saw photos and as always it's awesome photos! :)