Thursday, December 31, 2009

6 Days After Christmas : Presents!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas? How was it? Now that it's over, I'm hoping to hear what gifts did you get. I hope it was something you've wished for that was on your list this year. I guess I should share with you what I got:

1. A new camera (upgrade it from my old one) in purple! Thanks Sis!
2. A hand-made knitting pair of sock to represent "Sam Starrett", a character from the Suzanne Brockmann navy SEALs Troubleshooter series. Knitted by a brilliant friend, Angela.
3. A "Memories" hanging picture frames ~ Three 4x6 inches frames are attached to the word "Memories" by three hooks.
4. A gift card to "Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe" ~ owned and operated by Nora Roberts' husband, Bruce Wilder. see bookstore here. I'm excited because I've been slowly collection the next installments of the last few In Death books and I need to catch up. Also, with the gift card, was a "Eve and Roarke" lavender Patchouli lotion. These are from the Inn BoonsBoro, created by Cedar Ridge Soaps of Keedysville, MD. See it here
5. Another gift card to Barnes and Noble
6. Four Books from one of my favorite people, Alice from Hello, My Name Is Alice blog. THANKS so much, I know I will enjoy it because these are the books I've been waiting to get for longest time :) You already know I love ya! *grin* I will post the books later on my blog.
7. Two scarves ~ One is a black scarves but can also wrapped it around your shoulder too. It really beautiful. The 2nd one is a Mickey Mouse pink scarf, it really pretty! And I know I've clothes to match it! I'm excited about this one because the person who gift it to me knew that more than anything, I want to visit Disney World someday. Yep you heard me right, I never been there :)
8. A pair of long ivory knitted gloves. It reached half way to my elbow and it doesn't cover the fingers part. It very cute.
9. A wooden keepsakes trinket box (it's shape like a book). It very unusual but very cute! I know where I'm going to keep my bookmarks I have over the years from my Bookmarks Exchange :)
10. A tote bag in wine color ~ I LOVE it! I'll take pic later!
11. A plaid shirt with a ribbon ties at the bottom from my sweet little brother.

And lastly, all the wonderful Christmas cards I received from everyone around the world. Thanks so much for all your wonderful cards! *BIG SQUEEAZING HUGS*. Can you feel that? *grin*. Its brighten my day for the whole weeks long! I also want to thanks my friend Melody for sending me those friendship pin and those two books :)

I'm looking forward to buy more books with my Barnes and Noble gift card and more of In Death books at the Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe. I know for sure I be wearing those scarves, gloves, knitting socks and shirt to keep myself warm. It has been too chilly cold and rain here lately, brrr! And of course, Alice will make sure I keep myself busy reading, when we start on our joint-reading for NR BED OF ROSES! And then I be able to settle down and read those four books she got me too *grin*. And with my new camera, I can't wait to take pics to show off my new wine tote bag and the unusual wooden keepsake trinket box too! And then take plenty of pictures to hang up on my "Memories" picture frames. Thanks everyone who sent me these wonderful gifts. You guys are special people in my life and your hearts touch me more than words I can't say. Thanks for being part of my life :)

Although I might be blogging less next year, I'm looking forward to do lot of reading. I've lot of "new to me authors", that I've yet to read and will try to read them in 2010. That would be one of my goal for 2010. I will also be posting my "Favorite Read In 2009" as well and try to post those book reviews that I have delay doing for a month now. Including the three Christmas books I've finish reading this month of December. I also need to post all the books that I've read for the month of December as well.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May the New Year 2010 bring you and your family all the good lucks!


Alice Teh said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!

You've got many wonderful gifts, woman! Enjoy them all!

I'm so happy to be starting the New Year reading BED OF ROSES with you.

I am so looking forward to your book reviews so bring them on! :D

Julia said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, too! I'm excited about our joint-read on BED OF ROSES with you! We'll be reading this real soon :)