Monday, March 01, 2010

50 Books Challenge: January & February

I realized today that I never posted my books I've read for January 2010. I'm going to post both January and February together on this post. I admit, my reading have been slow due to babysitting and Olympic (wow that was fun games!). And I hope to pick up my reading habit starting in March (Happy B-day Lien!). I really did enjoy reading these books I've read from the last two months. Its even better when I'm joint-reading with my good friends too (thanks Alice!). It make the experience more fun for me, even though it does slow down my reading :) Notice, I did not give grade to the last three books -- yet. Nor have I reviews them either. I hope to be able to post all of my pending reviews and give you my grade soon. Keep fingers cross that I have my reviews up by March (yeah right *evil grin*) Happy Reading everyone! :)

1. Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts(joint-reading w/Alice)~ 4 stars
2. The Unsung Hero by Suz Brockmann(re-read 3x/joint-reading with Alice)
(can you tell I love Suz's books?!?! *grin*)

3. Skin Game by Ava Gray ~ 4 1/2 stars
4. Fade to Black by Leslie Parrish


Melody said...

I hope you'll reach the goal this year. Even if you don't, it's all about quality over quantity, isn't it? :)

PS: Yeah, I know you're a huge fan of Suzanne Brockmann! :P

Julia said...

you right, it all about quality :) And it wonderful that you know I'm huge Suz Brockmann fan. Now when are you gonna pick up another of Suz's books? LOL ! Just kidding :)

Literary Feline said...

My reading has been slow too, Julia. I wish you luck in reaching your goal! I need to start my list like this too . . .

Alice Teh said...

I love those joint-readings with you, Julia! Do you want to read Book 2 in the series? :D

Julia said...

@Wendy - Hi! Thanks for luck, I know I need it :) I hope your reading speed pick up soon and you able to enjoy all the good books :) Good luck to you too!

@Alice - Hi! Sure would love to read Suz Brockmann's book 2 with you. Just give me few weeks first, so that I can read the books I need to finish out of the way and then we can start the joint-reading. That okay with you? :)