Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bibliomania Day
....and Meme

I know it bit late to do this, and normally I always posts these meme when given the time to do it. There are lot of other memes I need to posts that is in pending. And I promise to get to it when I have the time. In the mean time....

I read at Melody who read it from Veen's blog that March 20th was in fact Bibliomania Day. What's a Bibliomania Day, you may ask. Well, here's the quote from Veens':

On March 20, 1990, Stephen Blumberg of Ottumwa, Iowa, was arrested for stealing over 23,600 books worth $20 million and weighing 19 tons. So look out for a the "bookey-man"!

Like many book thieves, Blumberg was also a book lover. "It was his habit to read constantly through the night, cat-napping, waking, reading, dozing, waking, reading again, never fully sleeping.

click here to read more of Stephen Blumberg, taken from

So now, Melody also tagged me on this fun meme:

#1: Are there any books you would like to beg, borrow, or steal?
- YES! So many of them! I get jealous when other peeps get an ARC or none ARC books before anyone else LOL! Like PATIENCE by Lisa Valdez, for example. And, THE SEARCH by Nora Roberts.

#2: Are you addicted to trips to Borders or the public library?
- Well I'm more addicted to trips to Borders (or any other chain bookstores) than I am with public library. I don't use my library often as I used to. But if I ever do, it always done by online services. The only times I make a trip to the library if I have to go pick up the books I request for hold, after they tell me the books are available to pick up. So I love taking a trip to any local bookstores around here and shop for my favorite books.
- If we are talking about Borders bookstore in particular, then I would say sometime I would shop more at other local bookstore than I would at Borders. Because at my local Borders they only shelves new release books. Or books that is the latest and are still new. They don't have author's older books on shelves, like the way our B&N are.

#3: Do you have a way to remember what books you have read?
- Beside keeping record in my Microsoft Word Document file (and memory stick), I also kept record of what books I've read on my blog as well. The blog is the main reason why I open the account in the first place. I want to be able to have a place where I listed all the books I have read over the years for the "50 Book Challenge of the years" I was doing with one of my Yahoo Group list. I even posted some thoughts of each books about what I like or didn't like and grade them. But then the blog became just not only a place to keep record of books I've read or posts my thoughts in for each books. It was also a place where I practice writing book reviews (for fun, not for any website), found blogger friends and participates in other fun stuff too (Booking Through Thursday, 50 TBR Challenge, meme tags, personal note about my weekend activities..etc). So yes, I do have a way to remember what books I have read and not read :)

#4: When did your love of books begin?
- It began when I was a kid in elementary school. I like to think that I started at baby, because when I first came to America my foster parents always sent books for us to read. I can only just stare at the page of the rich, colorful pictures of whatever on that pages. And not understanding words. I grew from Mother Goose Rhyme books to Golden Book and then to elementary where I first discover Harold and the Purple Crayon, my very first favorite book that stick with me (still do!) and hold my interested for reading. It's that book that I learn I really love to read. Then that when books like Judy Blume, Beverly Clearly's Ramona series, The Babysitting Club series, Sweet Valley High...came along. And follow those books, came my first romance book I read, which was WHITNEY, MY LOVE by Judith McNaught. And the rest as they history! :)

#5: What is a favorite book?
- A favorite book is a book that stay with you even after you close the book. It's a book that make you think about it everyday and you can't get it out of your mind. It the one you still remember even when many years have gone by. It the one where you think the characters are "alive" and real. And you wonder if their life are doing well after their HEA. And you feel the characters are your friends or are part of your families because you connect with them (their personal lives, issues problem...).

#6: Do you still have in your possession a book borrowed, but not returned to its rightful owner?
- I do shame admit I do have books that I borrowed but have not returned it yet. Its owner told me they don't mind. They said to just return it to them whenever I'm ready to and they are not in rush to have it back. I thanks that friends of mine :) But when guilt arise and you want to boil it down, I would try to hurry and do my best to read it sooner and return it as quick to them ;)

#7: What's the most in library fines you have owed?
- Hmm are we talking about if we have a fine on say book and then it officially become our book to keep? Hmm I do remember a book about Dolphin that I had to do a book report on in middle school. And because I lost the book, I had an over due and fine to paid off. I don't recall any other books that I end up keeping but I do remember how many over due books I have to pay for but don't owned the books.

#8: Do you loan books out to others?
- I have loan books out to the others. But not to lot of peeps. Just a few of them. Unfortunately one of the person who is in that "few" category, didn't return a batch of books she borrow. She borrowed some of my books for 2 months. Every other weeks, she will borrow my books and return it to me. It was going good after awhile but the last time she borrowed it, she never return it. Because she moved up west to be with my other sister - eh, but I gotta love my sister ;) Those books are still at her friend's house, who she was staying with at the time.

I'm not gonna tag anyone, since most peeps I know are already tagged. So if you want to play, let me know by comments here. And I try to visit you :) Have a Happy Reading! :)


Melody said...

Thanks for playing, Julia! I enjoyed reading your answers. :)

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I enjoy reading your answers! I'm not too keen in lending my books to others because half the time my books never come back to me. If they did, they're not in good condition anymore and I protect my books with my life. They somehow look newer than before I bought them. LOL!

Julia said...

@Melody - Your welcome! And I enjoy answering to it :)

@Alice - Thanks! And me too, am not keen to lending anyone my books unless I trust them enough with them and return it in good condition. So far my sister managed to crease the bind of the book and one of my book got wet - eh. But most of the books that are on both my TBR pile and my keeper bookshelf all looked brand new like I just brought them too. One of my friend comment on this when I sent her three of my books for her to keep. It been on my shelf for nearly 3 years. She said I must be good because the books look brand new LOL!