Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last weekend....

Sorry! It has been since Thanksgiving that I posted here. I've been too busy with life that it kept me up on my toes these days. I will try to post here whenever I can get a chance to :)

Here another book I brought in September 2010 - CORRALLED by Lorelei James. See the book cover above,left(this is book 1 of the Blacktop Cowboy series). I love the cover! She is an erotic romance who wrote good story with characters we can grow to love. In the Rough Rider series, the emotion, the loves and realistic of each story in her books is what kept me reading straight through the series. The love between the characters does not just happen so quick. It take times to built it up and get to that point. There are lot of raw and raunchy explicit sex, but it all come down to the love we have for each characters and how beautiful they are together as couple and family. Please do give Lorelei James a try, she worth it :)

Last weekend, my goal was to buy everyone gifts and then be done with Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, it didn't go that way for me. I had an idea what to get for each person but the things I want was not available or just out of stock! It weren't be so hard to get them if its was there. Then I be done with the shopping -- *sigh*. So hopefully I get it done this weekend instead. Wish me luck!

At Borders last week, I got a free beverage coupon - yay! So I order myself a Gingerbread latte. Love the delicious flavor in it - yummy! So while I was drinking, I browse around to see what new release books had been out, I saw some interesting books that I know I want. I hug them all and people around me thoughts I was nut *grin*. But that okay. If they understood my reason then they weren't have try to run like I was going to hug them next -- or something. Is that a crime? *grin*. I can't wait until January come around when I can began to buy books again. It been so hard not to!

I want to thanks all my friends around the world for sending me your wonderful Christmas cards. It sure made my day! It kick the cold I've had for a week. Looking forward to see more as it get closer to Christmas's Day. I love this time of the holidays.....well minus the hard freeze cold we been getting over here -- eh! There are few packages I need to mail out, so I hope to do that Monday morning. Be on the look out my friends! :)

I'm currently reading another erotic contemporary romance, LAID BARE by Lauren Dane. It the first book to the Brown Sibling series. So far I'm loving it. Next up, I think I read Dane's book #2 COMING UNDONE. But that depend on where the mood will take me.

And I know I've not been posting my delay book reviews, but I will try to post them. I can't promise anything, since the holidays is keeping me busy. But I wish everyone happy reading, have a good weekend and a Happy Holidays! :)


Melody said...

You definitely sounds like you have a busy but a fun week shopping. ;)

Gingerbread Latte sounds yummy to me!! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and stay warm!!

Alice Teh said...

Happy holidays to you too, Julia!

Julia said...

@Melody - I sure did had busy shopping...but now I'm done! Now that it Xmas eve here, I can relax teehee. Hope you able to try those Gingerbread latte, they are good! :)

@Alice - Happy holidays to you too! :)