Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Weekend : Books

Saturday, I did my usual thing -- books/grocery shopping! That was always fun. I stopped by B&N first, just to check to see if there any books that I want there. Lately, the Borders I go to does not have all the books available on the day of it street release date, until a week or two later. So I have to relay on B&N to have the books out on it official release date. And I bought one book there that just recently came out, Lisa Marie Rice's Hotter Than Wildfire. Then we head off to Borders and like always I take my time to smell all those good coffee flavors that is in the air. Then I walk over to the nearest books and hug them too. Yep that my daily routine I do every time I visit the bookstores *grin*. Then I head over to the cafe area, where I ordered myself a Cinnamon Vanilla Twist latte drink. It's their new spring beverage now. And I love the flavor of cinnamon - yum! So I took the drink with me and then browse around the shelves. I pick up a few books, sat down on the chair and read the first two chapters from each books, just to see if it will grab me. And if it does, that be the one I buy for today. I'm sure the one that I didn't get, I will go back for them, eventually. I end up coming home with Roxanne St. Claire's Shiver of Fear and Shannon K Butcher's Living On the Edge. I also got a copy of Jill Shavlis' The Sweetest Thing too :) However, I discover later that I already got a copy of Roxanne St. Claire's Shiver of Fear, so now I will have to return it back for refund - eh!

I'm currently reading two books at same time, Marie Force's Everyone Loves A Hero and Lorelei James' Saddled and Spurred. I'm enjoy both and can't wait to continue to read more. I've been reading these two authors for years and now I buy whatever books they have out. I'm not even sure what I will read next after these two books, but I'm going to wait to see where my mood take me.....

I can't remember if I share with with all of you here, that I recently bought three bookcases? I got two black 5 shelf bookcases and one 3 shelf bookcase. Everything is already set up and my bookcases are now line up side by side against the wall. And two of the bookcases hold my keeper/collection books while the other bookcase hold my TBR books. Also my very old 3 shelf bookcase also hold my TBR books as well. I think the bookcases look great! :)

I still have more pending books to reviews that have been in draft stage since last year. And I still have some books I recently read that need to be reviews too. I will try to post it here as much as I can. I know, I'm just slow at posting them ;) I'm also supposed to share with you books that I've bought from last year as well. I well get those done eventually, but I hope it be done by the end of this year.

Have a good week and happy reading everyone!


Melody said...

I always love reading posts on new acquisitions by other bookbloggers. :) Your Cinnamon Vanilla Twist Latte sounds good!!

Happy reading!!

Julia said...

Thanks Melody for visiting and loving my post ;) The drink does sound good. They always add something new or bring back the favorite drink base on the seasonal :)