Wednesday, June 15, 2011

50 Challenge Books: April and May

I know, I know. I'm been MIA for such long time. Sorry about that. There have been some health issues with mom. And I have been away taking care of that. But mom is better now, and I'm so relief. It has been a very scary but exhausting month.

So now, am back. I notice I have not post books I've read in April and May. The good new is that I did read plenty in April but the bad new is that I'm sorry to say I didn't read much in May, because all the worry over mom have distracted me from reading book. Even those comfort books didn't help. I was hoping that June will be better but I've been slow on that too. And no, I'm not in reading slump at all. I just only had trouble to figure out what books to read next. My mood were playing havoc on me, and I just couldn't pick out one or two. But I finally did and I'm happy to say I'm currently reading BURNING ALIVE by Shannon K. Butcher. I know, this book was published long way back. But while I am familiar with the author romantic suspense (and I love those series!), It just took me a awhile longer to try her paranormal romance series. After a friend push, I finally decided to read the book. And so far, I am enjoying it :)

Below are the books I read in April and May. I've read 18 books this year, so far. While it not much, it still been a good reading. I will try to catch up and make up for the reading, hopefully in couple of months. Happy reading everyone! :)

13. Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James – 4 stars
14. Temperature’s Rising by Karen Kelley – 3.75 stars
15. Everyone Loves a hero by Marie Force - 4 stars
16. Deadly Lies by Cynthia Eden -

17. Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh -
18. The Search by Nora Roberts - 4 stars


Melody said...

I'm glad to hear your mom is getting better and will continue to pray that she'd recover soon.

I'm not in a reading slump either... just that my reading has been slow, and you know part of the reason, hehe.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Julia, I wish your mom a speedy recovery. Hope all is well with you too. I've been really slow with my reading and since I'm studying for my IT/Engineering degree starting July, I'll be doing lots of academic reading instead of leisure. :)