Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Monthly Books Read

How is everyone doing in April going? I hope all is good. The months speed by so fast that it is hard for me to catch up and update my blog. I will try my best to post whenever I can. I notice I have not post my monthly books read since the beginning of this year. Or did I? I decided to post it today, or else I will forget later. If you notice some of my reading were in ebooks format and other are in print books. I was given a gift of Nook Simple Touch on the day of Thanksgiving Black Friday sale, last year. Since then I started reading ebooks and find how easily it is to buy the ebooks and get it within in few second into my Nook. And my reading speed up really quickly than I can imagine. While I do love my Nook, I'm still buying print books too. Most of the time,I find myself miss turning the pages, holding books, smell the pages or even see some beautiful covers art in person. So I will continue to buy both print paper and ebooks to satisfy my reading experience.

I have always love re-reading favorite books because I always like to go back and 'visit old friends' again. It felt like 'home' and it's comfort read for me. If you notice some of my books are re-read. At first I was not sure if I should added them into my monthly books read, but I decided to added them because it all part of my reading challenge. Below are my monthly book read from January - March. Toni Blake ,Lorelei James and Jill Shalvis are some of my favorite authors. So I'm always excited to read their books.

I'm currently reading the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James, and I'm just starting on book 3 Fifty Shades Freed. So far book 2, Fifty Shades Darker, is my favorite of the trilogy even though I did enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey. I am enjoying the trilogy and I love Christian. I need me some Christian!! I know there have been some controversial on these trilogy and whether it is in negative or positive discussion, I do recommend it to people to at least give these trilogy a chance and read it.

1. Swept Away by Toni Blake – 4 stars
2. Her Innocence, His Conquest by Jules Bennett – 4 stars
3. Whisper Falls by Toni Blake (re-read) 4.5 stars
4. Sugar Creek by Toni Blake (re-read) 4 stars

5. Changing the Game by Jaci Burton – 4.5 stars
6. Cowboy Casanova by Lorelei James (ebook) – 4.5 stars
7. Shane’s Stand by Suzanne Brockmann (ebook) 4 stars
8. Dangerous Grounds by Shelli Stevens – (ebook) 4 stars
9. Wrangled and Tangled by Lorelei James – 4 stars

10. Time Out by Jill Shalvis (ebook) - 4 stars
11. Exclusively Your by Shannon Stacey - 4 stars
12. Game for Anything by Bella Andre – (ebook) 3.5 stars
13. Smart and Sexy by Jill Shalvis – (ebook) 4 stars
14. Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis – (ebook) 4.5 stars
15. Because of You by Jessica Scott – (ebook) 4 stars
16. Strong and Sexy by Jill Shalvis – (ebook) 4.5 stars

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