Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cover of Night ****

(Romantic Suspense)
I know am suppose to write my thoughts on Shadow of the Moon by Rebecca York. But I haven't any chance to joint it down yet.

But while am trying to gather my thoughts on that, I want to mention that I am currently reading Cover of Night by Linda Howard. It is great so far. And am enjoying it. I really think that you should read this one.

And anyone who is new to Linda Howard, there are more great books she written over the past years. You should try reading her books. I would have linked her website, but she don't have one :(

When am done, I will let you know how I like it. But so far it is good :)


Edit to update/add my thoughts

Cover of Night started out a little slow, showing the background into the life of our heroine, a widow, Cate Nightingale. After her husband died, she was left to raise her twin boys and to run the Bed and Breakfast in Idaho. Then two thugs, held a gun on her and her co-worker and demanded to give them the suitcase that belonged to one of her mystery guests. Cal is the shy plumber (so Cate thought he was) who saved them. But what happen to Cate, rattled her so much that she sent her sons to her's mom to take them away from harm. Cate looked at Cal differently. She never knew the side of him that the rest of the town did, and she grew to fall for him. Then the town experinced a sudden blackout and was taken hostage. So everyone did all they can to survive, fight for their lives, and try to find the person behind it all.

While I did enjoy the book, it wasn't much better than Cry No More. Cover of Night was more of a light mystery thriller than just a romance. The romance part came later in the story. But I still care for each characters (the main h/h and secondary h/h). I also like Cate's twin sons. I think any mother can interacted with Cate on her love toward her sons. She did everything to make ends meet, all for her sons :) I do think you should try reading this book. Linda Howard is one of the good writer out there :)


Melody said...

Hey Julia, I'm glad you are enjoying Cover of Night. Linda is one of my favourite authors. I can't wait for this book to release in PB!!!


Julia said...

Hi Melody!- Linda is my favorite too :) I think you will enjoy this one, I promise :)