Monday, August 21, 2006

Shadow of the Moon ****1/2

(Paranormal Romanctic Suspense)
Paranormal happens to be a genre I don't normally read. But there are some I enjoy reading..such as werewolves,witches,time travel, and telepathy.

Rebecca York, is one of my favorite werewolves series writer. She had the talent to make me get into the stories and make it work. Her characters are always likeable. With promises of excitement, mystery and romance....York is so much worth it IMO. If you want to find out about her books, then, click this link....
Rebecca York website

Shadow of the Moon is the latest "Moon" werewolves series. I love how the cover art is just the right touch of what the series is about. Showing some mystery in between --- Savannah Carpenter gets the news that her sister, Charlotte have been in accident. The police said she fell off on an outcropping of rock, but Savannah knew that it's not true. But before she could get any answers, her sister died.

But the mystery of the ultra-exclusive night club "Eighteen Club", where famous or regular people go to partake their fantasies in erotic and dangerous games. It is protected building where inside held a secret. In there, may lie the answers to her sister's death. Only she will have to find a way to enter the "Eighteen Club".

Lance Marshall is the werewolf, journalist, who was interested with the secret of "Eighteen Club". He wanted to do research on the place and to find a way to enter the building so he can write about it. But his attention turned towards saving Savannah, twice and helping her find out the mystery of her sister's death. And the only way to gain entrance is to be invited in and act as lovers....

The power force brought in together the Marshall brothers and cousins and their wives to fight against the evil. And for the first time, since the males are all alpha-they have trouble compromising, the brothers faught together to kill the evil forces.

I really enjoyed seeing the Marshalls' brothers and their wives again; including the cousins. The book grabbed me from the first page and I never put it down. It was wonderfully exciting and very steamy, sensual, with some explcit scenes. The book added dimension to the story which was good. Very well written book!

I love the werewolves "Moon" series. And I think you won't be disappointed in it. It's a worthy read! Do yourself a favor and go read Rebecca York. If you like to read it, here the list in orders.....

Killing Moon
Edge of the Moon
Witching Moon
Burning Moon (Novella from "Craving" anthology)
Crimson Moon
Shadow of the Moon
New Moon (available on June 2007)

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