Wednesday, September 27, 2006

To the Limit *****

First let me say - I was suppose to be reading this with a friend (glaring at her right now - *LOL*) but that is the reason why it took me 5 days to read this book. Not my normal habit of reading, unless something kept me busy and far behind. I was waiting for her to catch up with me, before I could continue to read more chapters. But life got in her way and made her busy. Which I understand :) So I finally finish it last weekend. Yay! I hope to discuss this book with my friend :)

(Romantic Suspense)
To the Limit is the second book to "The BodyGuard" series. If you haven't read the first book To the Edge, please do. It's great story too. To find more about Cindy Gerard books, take look at her website - Cindy Gerard

Eve Garrett received a message from Tiffany, requesting her to hurry and meet her privately. But when Eve went to go meet Tiffany, she never show up. Suddenly someone began to attack her and later she got threatening notes. Then strange things started to happen around her, everywhere she went. But she was set to find Tiffany no matter the danger, because she worries that Tiffany is in trouble.

Tyler "Mac" McClain was the sexy, bad boy beach bum who seduced Amy then left without contacting her years ago. Now he is a PI, hired by Jeremy's man to find his daughter a party girl on the run.

Together Mac and Eve went on a misson to find Tiffany, the missing teenage daughter of Jeremy Clayborne, the multi-billionaire man. Each hoped to find her before the other. Or before the attacker gets to Eve or Tiffany. Amy still held onto her anger over Mac for not contacting her after that one night of seduction, many years ago. So she tried not to care about him too much or have him to close too her. But than Eve knew if they worked together, they could find Tiffany more quickly. But while it was suppose to be all work, there were sparks and tension between them that they can't ignore.

I had to admit that reading the first few chapters was sorta difficult. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but I guess the style of writing made it hard to read it in fast pace. I learned that I had to slowly read it to understand what I was reading. But as the story moved on, it got better :) I like that the heroine is strong, smart, kind and brave. And she doesn't let anyone stop her from doing what she believe is right. I'm glad that even though Eve had a secret past, it didn't become an issue to the point that would have made me feel annoyed too much. I love to see two sides of Mac. A strong, protective, bad boy, alpha man and a very soft human being who loves his little girl, Ali. It's a great combination! The ending was heartwarming. And also you get to see the brothers from the previous book, again :)

It is a great book, I loved it! I really think this book is worth reading. There's good action, great hot sizzling romance and a wonderful group of characters to love.


Melody said...

Just who are you referring to, Julia? {battling eyelashes innocently}

Glad that you enjoyed the book. Sorry that I didn't get to catch up with you, but hopefully we will again in another book! :-)


Julia said...

*blinking my eyes and innocently pretend to think* hmmmm, I think it the slow-turtle friend who about to get sting by needle *LOL*

Again - as I said, no need to apology. And I can't wait to read with you again :)

Melody said...

Geesh, the evil needle lady is back in action, again!!! LOL.

Let me know if you have any book in mind so we can read together next time...


Julia said...

*LOL*...the evil needle lady *LOL*

Sure - I let you know what we can read together next...Hmmmmm