Sunday, October 08, 2006

Twelve Sharp ****1/2

(Comedy Mystery)
Twelve Sharp is the 12th book to the "Stephanie Plum" series. If you have never read these series book before, please do. Here is her website - Janet Evanovich It always bring a lot of laughs and action to me. This series is told in the first person's point of view about a woman named Stephanie Plum, who works as a bond enforcement agent "bounty hunter", for her cousin Vinnie. Her partner in crime, Lula, helped her kick butt when she needs to find bail jumpers and criminals. In her life there are two people she loves, Joe Morelli and Ranger. Joe is a tough cop who is also a sexy and laid back Pizza guy. And Ranger is with the special force who is tall, dark and mysterious. He also protected her on job and looked at her like a desserts.

Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter, who hunt skips. While on the hunt, a mysterious woman claimed she is Ranger's wife and accused Stephanie of sleeping with him. Not believing her claim, Stephanie had her checked out and found out she is Carmen Manoso. Then one day, Carmen was found dead, a child is missing and then a stalker started to follow her

Now she goes from hunting skips to hunting a murderer. She, Ranger and Morelli all work together to find the murderer and the missing child. Including running down bail jumpers and criminals. Along the way, Stephane struggles with the relationships between the two men in her life; the man who loves her and the man who looks at her like a dessert. Would she ever chose between them?

The gangs are back at it again, with plenty of laughter and action. It was great to see Lula, Sally, Grandma and Connie again. These characters always make me laugh the most. But the main story is more serious than her usual adventures. It seems that the comedy is toned down by with some seriousness. The tone show me that Stephanie is taken the matter of the situation bravely and seriously. It was a good book, enough to say I enjoyed it. But I'm still waiting until the day Stephanie decides who she wants to be with. After 12 books, IMO I think it's time for her to make up her mind. And at this point, it looks like Stephanie is aware of her relationship with both men and is trying to evaluated between them.


Marg said...

I somewhat foolishly lent my copy of Twelve Sharp to my sister the day I got it. I forgot that she is a SLOW reader and I still haven't got it back again yet! I think I am going to have to put some pressure on her!

Julia said...

Marg - My sister is just like that too - slow reader. She still has one of my book and never return it...and it been 5 years *sigh*

I wish you luck to get Twelve Sharp back :) Have a good day! :)

Melody said...

Hey Julia, loved the new look of your blog! I have sent you an email earlier, but no reply. I figure you were either busy or watching TV again. Anyway, hope to catch up with you soon.


Julia said...

Hi Melody! Thank for your compliment on my new blog "look". I already explain to you why the new look. I also, explain about why it took me long to response to you earlier :) Check your emails :)

Darla said...

LOL--different strokes. I'm just as glad Steph isn't choosing yet. It's just part of the books for me, like Steph being inept at bounty hunting or destroying cars.

Julia said...

Darla - I totally understand about if she choose now, then the story will end. And I surely do not want it to end. And believe me, I like both guys..really I do *LOL*....

But - you know how I like romance in my story too, right? Alright were you just snickering at me just now? *LOL*

However it is all about Stephanie bounty hunting and destroying cars adventures that make the series enjoyable for me. Including her family and lots of laugh. So you;re right :)