Saturday, September 23, 2006

Too Perfect *****

(Contemporary Romance)
Too Perfect is the third book to the "Perfect" series. To refresh you on what happened on the previous two books: Maddy, Christine and Amy's old college suitemate Jane has written a bestseller "How to Have a Perfect Life". They were thrilled for her, until they realized that Jane had used them as examples to show how women let their fears mess up their lives. They made a pack to overcome their fears by facing them, and have only one year to reach that goal. If you want to read "The Perfect" trilogy, here is her website - Julie Ortolon

Too Perfect is Amy's story. She has a fear of going on trips to strange places by herself. And she always wander to places and wind up getting lost. Just as she did when she took a job as a nanny on a Caribbean cruise and then after making a stop at St. Barts, got lost. Now stranded with no money and clothes, she went to look for a job and landed on Lance Beaufort's doorstep.

Lance tell Amy that he is a personal assistant for Mr. Guy Gaspar, the owner of the house in Fort island. Local people called Mr. Gaspar "La Bete", which means "The Beast", because he kept himself hidden.

But what Amy discovered for herself was that Gaspar was a nice, very sweet and insecure guy. Through exchange of words in emails and camera video screen, Amy couldn't help but want to "see" him. Unknownst to Amy, that Gaspar is also the millionaire screen writer, Bryan Parks, who came to escape for privacy and peace. This may sound like a spoiler but it was written on the back of the book blurb.

What happened throughout the story and at the end was surprisely delightful, charming, sweet and romantic. You're going to melt and love it :)

Too Perfect is a brand-new take on the old standard, Beauty and the Beast. But with a twist! It's an amazing story of personal growth, change and how love can conquer all. And also learning to accept themselves. It was a good read :)

I think I like the first and third books better out of the three. The trilogy was really delightful and fun reading. I think you will like it. Julie always write about relationships as well as accepting who you are and your life. Facing your fears and overcome it. "The Perfect" trilogy was good :)


Darla said...

I think I like the first and third books better out of the three.

Oh, really? Shoot. I guess that means I'll have to get the first & third books, then, because I've only read the second, and I really liked it. *sigh* Like I don't have enough books to read.

*glares at Temptress-Julia*


Julia said...

*looking up innocently at the glares* What?! Oh yeah..I love you too *LOL*

Yes Darla - I do remember you already read the second book. And than I suggested you to pick up the first & the third, after your tiny rant on the second book..even though you really like it :)