Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big Trouble * * * * *

(Contemporary Romance)
Marianna Jameson
Naomi Conner is the hottest computer security consultant in the field. She is known to find hackers before they can do much damage. Noami new assignment take her to the "The Brennan Shipping Company", the same company she nearly hacked and destroyed years ago when she was twelve.

Joe Casey is Chief technology officer who hired Naomi to "hack" test his company's security. He normally doesn't let his defenses down for any woman. But when he met Naomi, he realized how sexy and desirable she was. They both have rules about romancing coworkers and resisted each other as long as possible. But the attraction was obviously there.

As 6 weeks passed by, They fell in love. Joe took her on his sail boat, even though she was afraid of the water. He even went to the step of dating his colleague (Noami) and had gone beyond the third date rules. So far he has broken his three standard rules, and his friends were amused. Noami fell in love with his family and learn the true value and meaning of the word. She didn't want to hurt them by confessing to who she really was, but every moments she spent with Casey Family, drew her more into wanting to tell them. And Joe, knowing that her past was bothering her, decided to let her tell him when she was ready.

Then finally Naomi found the hacker and soon she going to leave for home. But would that also mean leaving Joe and never see him again?

Big Trouble is the follow up to Jameson's first book My Hero , another likable book with strong characters and a wonderful story. Big Trouble was emotional, exciting, steamy, humorous, and to add onto that, had wonderful family values. It was in depth writing with great dialogs too :)

It wasn't a "who dunnit" because it was easy to find out. We don't really see the actual love scenes played out. We only get the impression that it happen but the next pages, show them laying down having conversation after it. Other then that, this is a great book. I highly recommend it :)

FYI - I finished reading this book on 10-18-06 but delayed the posting of it until today :)


Melody said...

Hey Julia! Glad to see you have updated your blog! 2 books reviews! Wow!! LOL.

For your info, I have never read anything by Marianna Jameson and Julia London. And since you mentioned they are part of a series, I guess I will have to finish my other series before I plunge into another. LOL!! But nonetheless, great reviews. :)

Julia said...

Those two new reviews were for you *LOL*....but since you not going to read both books, I might as well suggested you to go back to reading Wildcard story (Suz Brockmann third book) hehehe

Oh wait...we are reading CAI together today! YAY!

Melody said...

Thanks Julia! {sniff sniff, dabbing eyes with tissues}LOL.

As you said, we are going to read Cold As Ice together, so the others will have to wait! Yay!


Julia said...

Yay!!!! I'm waiting for you to say "Luch Time!" LOL